8 Most Dangerous Animals in New Zealand

As an isolated country, New Zealand is one of the world’s safest place to visit. Generally, New Zealand does not possess any animals that can seriously put human’s life in danger. It means that there are no deadly venomous scorpions or snakes that you need to be worried about in New Zealand. However, there are […]

10 Animals That Love to Play on the Snow

Animals that love to play on the snow is usually known as winter animal, too. They are able to cope up into the extreme coldness because their body adaptability. However, basically, every other animals and humans (yes, humans are animals, too, in a way) are pretty excited to welcome the white paradise in front of […]

8 Interesting Facts of the Cute Snowshoe Hare

You can’t deny scientific facts that rabbit’s cute, any rabbit, and the facts of the cute snowshoe hare is cute, too. In fact, you must have wanted to take care this wild rabbit as a pet as soon as you see them! Hares, although have slight differences than rabbits, is one family with rabbit. The […]

3 Types of Animals Born in Winter Time

A lot of animals prefer to give birth in springs, so there are less of type of animals born in winter. Prefer? Yes, these animals have adapted so much that they start to have cubs in the springs. It’s most preferable condition, though. Spring has warm weather, but not too hot, just enough warm so […]

How Bears Prepare for Hibernation

How bears prepare for hibernation is definitely one of the most amazing things there is. There are bears that don’t need hibernation, which is polar bears with his distinctive features. Studying animals brings great pleasure for humans. Since, we all love animals that helps us to balance ecosystem also. Humans even have these holidays that […]

Don’t Be Afraid! Here are 10 Gorgeous Winter Animals that You Should Love

There are 10 gorgeous winter animals that you should love. When we’re talking about winter animals, you must have imagined polar bears or other scary animals that will seem to hunt you down once they see you, right? But, don’t be afraid! Here are 10 gorgeous winter animals that you should love. They are actually […]

How Animals Prepare and Survive Winter Coldness

How animals prepare and survive the winter coldness is kinda amazing. While we can simply wear thick coat or sweater to keep our body warm during winter, animals can’t do that. Instead, they found many possible ways to survive winter. It becomes one of the animal’s culture. One of them is actually similar with human’s […]

Is Boarding Facility will Reduce Stress Level on Cat?

It is a good idea to rest and refresh our mind from our routine works; vacation is the best way to relax our body from the tense. Yes, it is a very good idea, but at the same time it’s something that make us think twice if we had a pet. I’m not saying that […]

3 Cats’ Behaviors without their Owners at Home

Leaving pet for a long period of time is stressful decision. All sort of thought would flow and covered our minds – especially all the negative thoughts: will dog feel abandoned, what will dogs do when they miss their owners, and others. Well, yes we take a dog as example; but, actually there are some […]

Is it Safe to Leave your Cat in Cat Care for a Long Time?

Leaving pet alone for any reason is a hard decision for all animals’ owners. Animals such dog has sensitive emotion associated with separation which also known as separation anxiety. The anxiety come for the fact that animals can’t cope well with the separation between them and their owners. Actually, if we want to admit it, […]