How to Stop your Cat from Scratching your Furniture?

Have you ever got annoyed seeing your brand-new furniture is scratched by your cat? If you have, then continue reading this. Cats naturally love scratching and as a parent, you need to understand the reasons why they do that. First, cats scratch to stretch. They need to exercise and stretch for their muscles and tendons […]

8 Practical Ways to Stop Your Dogs from Barking at Night

Dogs love barking, either at night or during the day. Both are disturbing, but it will be more disturbing at night. This situation might be frustrating for you, especially when it seems that your dog is making noise for no apparent reason. Your dog probably is not barking at ghosts that roam through the halls […]

Practical Ways to Keep your Chickens Salmonella Free

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, backyard chickens are likely to be sources of an outbreak of Salmonella in the U.S. Salmonella is a group of bacteria that live in human and animal intestines. These bacteria come from poultry, raw meat and eggs and are known to have infected around 768 people […]

4 Ways to Make Your Horse Coat Extremely Shiny

You can tell whether a horse is healthy and happy by its shiny coat. Dull horse coats can be caused by nutritional deficiencies in your horse’s diet, worms and parasites, as well as lack off regular grooming. As a horse parent, you would surely want your horse to have a healthy, shiny and beautiful coat […]

Be Mindful of these 13 Forbidden Foods for Rabbit to Eat

Rabbits have a specialized digestive system that is different with the other animals. This difference enables the rabbit’s ability to process fiber and nuttients that make it adaptable to many different environments. However, this unique digestive system should also be followed by extra attentions to the owners about what to feed and what not to […]

4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Horse Fleas

Nobody likes fleas and they almost become the unexpected guests everywhere, including in the horse barns. Spend time reading these ways to get rid and prevent fleas on your pets. They are easy and good to follow. Not only pets, such as cats and dogs who can get fleas, horses can also get fleas, ticks […]

5 Best Horse Breeds for Horse Riding

Talking about the best horse breed for horse riding, there won’t be any perfect breed for it, especially for beginner riders. Also spend time reading new horse species from horse breeding progress. However, some breeds are more suitable than others, for example in terms of the safety. Safety is the main concern for a beginner […]

How to Tell your Chickens have Worms

Chickens love worms, but they may also get exposed to worms. Worms can be serious problems for chickens, so that every chicken owner needs to be aware of the symptoms. The worms in the chicken’s body are processed through the digestive tract. All of us know that chickens spend the time hunting and pecking in […]

Would you Dare to Meet these 5 Strongest Animals on Earth?

Have you ever wondered the strongest animals in the world? Is it the elephant or gorilla? Yes, they do belong to the strongest animals in the world. However, not all the strongest animals are big in size. Some strongest animals in the world are small but they have powerful strength even to kill humans! In […]

3 Magnificent Insects with Incomplete Metamorphosis

Animals, mostly insects, have to go through a process of transformation from egg stage to adult stage. This process is called metamorphosis. During the process of metamorphosis, there will be some changes that the insects experience, mostly on the physical appearance and body function. Also spend time reading these dangerous insects in the world and […]