Beware of these 5 Common Diseases in Poultry

Chickens are mainly raised for their meat or eggs. No matter what you raise your chickens for, you should keep them healthy and happy. Happy chickens will make happy owners, means more profit for your hatchery. If you’re a beginner in poultry farming, then this guide to start layer poultry farming for beginners will be […]

7 Common Signs Your Goldfish is Stressed

Do you know that your goldfish can experience stress just like you do? If you’re stressed because of too much load of work or something is not going as you expect, fish experience stress due to different reasons. Read more about reasons why your fish get stressed and how to overcome it. There are some […]

6 Common Diseases of Goldfish

All living things are possibly exposed to diseases, including goldfish. It is not fun at all to see the goldfish we keep is sick. That’s why it is very important to know and understand some diseases goldfish can have. When a goldfish is sick, it may show some symptoms indicating the disease. Continue reading this […]

5 Ways on How to Treat Diarrhea in Hamsters

Hamsters are adorable pets, yet taking care of them is as not easy as it seems to be. Due to their small size, it is very important for owners to take extra care for them. They tend to be healthy, but just like other animals, they can also get sick. If you’re a beginner to […]

6 Most Common Reasons of Hair Loss in Cats

Have you ever given your cat a loving stroke and realized that her fur is not as thick as usual? Or have you ever noticed that there are some bald patches on your cat’s body? Then, your cat might experience hair loss. Some cases of hair loss in cats are considered normal, such as when […]

7 Causes of Stuffy Nose in Cats

It is quite common for cats to suffer from stuffy nose. Stuffy nose is also known as rhinitis. Rhinitis is a condition when your cats get the lining of their nose, called mucous membranes, inflamed. This condition will surely make your cat feel uncomfortable as she may get it hard to breathe, smell food, and […]

Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs That Should be Known by Dog Owner

Lyme disease in dogs is one of the common tick-transmitted diseases in the world. However, there are only around 5 to 10% of them cause symptoms in the affected dogs. Some dogs have the symptoms, but some other never show any symptoms. This disease is able to create a number of health complications throughout the […]

Beware of these Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Dogs

All of us know how painful kidney stones can be, and the bad news is a dog can also experience kidney stones. The small deposits of minerals can break off and cause a great pain for your dogs as they try to use the bathroom. All dogs are susceptible of developing kidney stones, however, there […]

What Causes Bloating in Dogs Every Dog Parent Must Know

Every pet animal is possibly exposed to some illnesses or diseases. That’s why as an owner, you have to be aware to the symptoms, causes and how to treat those illnesses. Dogs are also able to get exposed to some illnesses, from the mild ones to the severe ones, such as these unknown but deadly […]

The 9 Best Vegetables Your Pet can Eat

Pets are parts of the family and due to that reason, the pet parents have to give the best care for their pets. Feeding pets might be as simple as giving food, but there are some food that are not suitable for pets. As a pet parent, it is very important to know which food […]