4 Popular Turtle Breeds to Pet

Tired of owning furry animals? Well, all of you aquatic pet lovers might want to try turtle for a change. A turtle is a very easy animal to take care because it does not need much care as well as attention. A turtle is well capable of managing on its own. They are considered as […]

Follow These Ways on How to Treat Ringworm in Puppies

Puppies are a cute animal to own. They are also a very vulnerable pet at a very young age. This cute and adorable animal does have a lot of enthusiasts. In addition to the various types, the cute dog’s behavior also often makes many people want to make him a pet. You may have this […]

6 Common Diseases of Guinea Pig You Should Know as an Owner

Hello animal enthusiasts! Welcome to another article with AnimalLova. Today we are going to talk about everyone’s favorite pet which is a guinea pig. A guinea pig comes from a family of rodents and originates from South America. This animal is domesticated and now can be bought easily as pets. There are many diseases to […]

4 Possible Reasons Hamsters Suddenly Die

Hamsters like all living beings can also face a sudden death. This is in fact very common amongst all hamster owners. As owners, it is important that you know the causes of these deaths as well as prevent it as much as possible. These animals are tiny and cute, they can also be called as […]

4 Smartest Animals on Earth

Each type of animal is unique in its own ways. Maybe you have known about the fastest animals on Earth as well as the slowest animals on Earth. Well what if today we tell you that even animals can be smart too, The intelligence of an animal can be measured in different ways. But it […]

Get to Know about Ringworms in Guinea Pigs

Ringworm is one of the common infections experienced by guinea pigs. Unlike its name, ringworm infection has nothing to do with a parasitic worm. Instead it is caused by a fungus, named Trichophyton mentagrophytes, which is also clinically referred as ringworm. This ringworm infection is typically characterized by bald patches starting from the head. Patches […]

12 Signs Guinea Pig is Depressed You Have to Know

Guinea pigs are very cute and simple creatures. However, they can also feel depressed and melancholy from time to time. They can also be fragile and sensitive to stress. There are some factors leading to depression in guinea pigs, such as environmental change and lack of comfort.  You have to make sure that you know […]

7 Signs Your Rabbit is Depressed You Need to Aware of

Rabbits are known as energetic and social animals. Rabbits are also cute and here are the scientific facts about why rabbit are created as the cutest animal. They are always full of energy and enthusiasm. They will hop up to you, play and toss around their favorite stuffs. However, sometimes, you might also notice that […]

Get Familiar with Heat Stroke in Rabbits

Along the hot weather, some animals might experience heat stroke. Pets, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits are also possible to get heat stroke. Heat stroke is very dangerous to pets, specifically rabbits. It is as dangerous as heat stroke in cats and heat stroke in dogs. Rabbit is more prone to get heat stroke […]

How to Treat Eye Infection in Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig is one of the exotic pets that is prone to have eye problems. There are various diseases and issues that affect your guinea pig’s eye health. However some of the eye problems are not really familiar as the others. That’s why as an owner of a guinea pig, you need to familiarize yourself […]