Reasons Why Your Fish is Floating in Fish Tank and How to Solve Them

Fish have various behavior to be observed and some of them reveal some signs or symptoms of those fish. Those types of behavior can imply the condition of happy, stressed or sick fish. You can learn the signs your fish is happy in their new tank and symptoms that tell your fish is sick. Have […]

8 Proven Benefits of Fish Oil for Cats

Fish oil has some benefits for both humans and animals, including pets, such as dogs and cats. Fish oil is rich in an anti-coagulant that prevents blood clots from forming in cats that are infected by heart disease. Some people think that heart disease is impossible for cats, but it is. See the full explanation […]

Common Diseases of Fish Can Have You Should Aware

Seeing your fish getting sick is not fun. Keeping a fish as a pet is not an easy job, but it is not that hard though. Maintaining its health and happiness is your job as its owner. Once it is not happy with its surrounding, it will get stressed. Most fish diseases and illnesses are […]

Possible Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Losing Their Color and How to Solve It

Have you experienced your betta fish losing their color or turning white? They can turn white, black or just fading. The normal or common color of betta fish can be red, orange, yellow, blue, green and any other colors that are colorful. However, if your fish is losing the color, then you might start thinking […]

The Amazing Benefits of Walking your Cats Outside and How to Do it Safely

Walking your cat might be one of the most fun leisure time you can do, don’t you agree? It is not only good for your health, and also for your cat’s health. There are many benefits of walking your cat. It provides your cat with some fresh air and fun time walking outside. There are […]

Do these Tips on How to Keep Your Fish Healthy

Every pet owner wants his or her pet to be healthy and happy for sure. Who loves to see their pets getting sick and unhappy? Providing everything that your pet needs might be one of the ways of keeping your fish healthy. Food, oxygen and all the things essential for the fish to stay alive […]

Here are the Signs Your Fish is Happy in Their New Tank

Keeping fish in a tank or aquarium is an exciting activity, both for the fish and the owner. Seeing your fish enjoy swimming in its tank is a very beautiful scenery. However, your fish might not feel comfortable in its fish tank or even get stressed. If you are curious on how to know whether […]

Get to Know on How to Get Rid of Algae from Aquarium

If you own an aquarium, you might always dream of having a beautiful aquarium. If you want to have some ideas of aquarium designs, look at the ideas about before you build your fish empire, get inspired from these aquarium designs. However, sometimes it becomes only a dream. Your aquarium might turn out into a […]

Watch Out These Symptoms that Tell Your Fish is Sick

Looking at the aquarium, seeing your fish is swimming all day, you might think that your fish is okay all the time. You may see that everything is okay and your fish is living its life peacefully without any problems. However, your fish may experience something wrong with its health. A problem that every fish […]

Get to Know the Reasons Why your Fish Get Stressed and How to Overcome it

When you are looking at your aquarium and your fish swimming so peacefully and enjoyably, then you might start thinking that your fish are living so peacefully. Who doesn’t feel peaceful and happy when they can swim all day in a beautiful aquarium and taken care by their owner? Life will be so good for […]