7 Common Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs

Do you notice your dog keeps scratching, licking, or chewing himself excessively? Then, your dog may get allergies. Allergies in dogs are common issues, as they are one of the most common reasons of veterinary appointments. Allergies in dogs mostly affect the skin and ears. Allergies are an overreaction of your dog’s immune system. Once […]

6 Explained Causes of Sudden Goldfish Death

Before you decide to have goldfish as pet at home, make sure you know that goldfish have a reputation for having short life and dying easily. There are some conditions that will bring a perfectly healthy goldfish to death overnight. So, if you wish to have goldfish as pet at home, make sure you can […]

Let’s Find Out the Reasons Hamsters want to Escape

Hamsters are small creatures that are easy to escape. Keeping them in their cage can be really challenging. As an owner, you need to be aware of the reasons and ways to prevent your hamsters from escaping as they are safest when they are inside their cages. Let’s go deeper on each of the reasons […]

What Cause Hamsters to Eat Their Babies?

It may be a horrible situation to find out that your hamsters have eaten their babies. There are some causes in nature, though sometimes we don’t really understand it. Hamsters are known to be a very sensitive and in-tune with their offspring’s health, however, they can also do it as a response of stress. Get […]

6 Causes of Cats Vomiting the Undigested Food

Vomiting in cats is not a normal condition. It is either vomiting undigested food or blood, those conditions can be signs of a serious illness. Vomiting itself is considered as a nonspecific symptom. It is related to health concerns. You can also spend time to read these reasons your cat is vomiting blood. Some of […]

4 Recommended Ways to Treat Scabies in Kittens

Who doesn’t feel happy when seeing your kittens have itchy and irritated skin? It must be very uncomfortable for your kittens. Some skin discomfort can be attributed to allergies, dryness or infections, while some others can be caused by scabies or mange. Scabies in kittens, also known as feline scabies, is not only bring unpleasant […]

Beware of these 16 Common Causes of Sudden Death in Puppies

Sudden death in puppies is a really serious condition. This condition is also known as fading puppy syndrome. It is simply a term describing puppies that are apparently normal after birth, but gradually fade and die within the first period of two weeks of life. There are a number of different conditions causing sudden death […]

9 Long-haired Cat Breeds with Their Lovely Characteristics

Do you think a cat with silky and luscious fur is more lovely? When the cat has extra-long hair, some people may find it more to love. Many breeds have long and short-hair versions, however, the cats with longer and more abundance of fur will hold special appeal for their glamour looks. Some cat breeds […]

11 Possible Reasons of Sudden Weight Loss in Guinea Pigs

Weight is a significant indicator which determine guinea pigs’ health. Losing weight can be a major concern for guinea pig parents. Many parents struggle very hard to find the causes why their guinea pig loses weight. When guinea pigs are born, their weight is around 100 grams. Then, they may reach their full weight within […]

Beware of these 8 Causes of Sudden Weight Loss in Cats

Neither getting fat nor thin in cats is recommended. Obesity in cats is a root of some medical issues, however, unintentional weight loss indicates a serious issue too. This condition can be a sign of an underlying medical problem you cat may experience. Also read about reasons of your cat sudden weight loss. It is […]