5 List of South American Wild Cats You Need to Know

South America, also known as Latin America, is the fourth largest continent in the world. Geographically, South America is surrounded by two large oceans, the Atlantic (to the east) and the Pacific Ocean (to the west). South America’s natural conditions are dominated by the two largest landscapes there, namely the Andes Mountains and the Amazon […]

6 Exotic and Unique Native Animals in Colombia You Need to Know

Colombia is one of the countries on the continent of South America or Latin America. Colombia is a country that has a diverse landscape compared to other countries in Latin America. You can also know about native animals in Philiphine or native animals in Europe. Colombia is a country traversed by large mountains in Latin […]

Kintamani Dogs: Original Breeds Dogs from Bali Island

The dog is one of the favorite pets of humans, besides cats. Many breeds dogs exist throughout the world. Each breed of dog also has different characteristics, both in terms of stature, character, and diet. One breed of dog that is becoming known to the world community is the Kintamani dog breed. This Kintamani dog […]

10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World – Suitable to Be a Pet at Home!

Cats are one of the most favored pets of all people in the world. Cats have indeed lived side by side with human since 9500 years ago. Cats often enter historical inscriptions as purified animals. In addition, cats in the world apparently consist of various types and breeds, likes deers that have 4 most famous […]

Do Egg-Laying Mammals Really Exist?

Mammals are identical to the animals which are giving birth. The examples are horses, cows, lions, dogs and so on. The features of their bodies enable them to deliver and nurse their babies. However, do you know that there are some mammals that are laying eggs? It might be surprising, but the fact is egg-laying […]

After Birth Treatment for Your Cat – Important Notice for Owners

Who doesn’t feel excited of welcoming a new member to the family? When your cat has delivered its babies, it is the joyful time as you get some new members at home. You might have taken care your pregnant cats by looking at the signs of pregnant cat since the beginning carefully and tenderly, and […]

5 Endangered Species of Birds in Indonesia – Action is Needed

Indonesia is a country that is rich in its natural resources, including species of animals, spices, plants and so on. The richness of its natural resources enables this country to be well-known throughout the world. Long time ago, many people from European and other continents were doing trade in this country. One of natural resources […]

You Need to Pay Attention of These Symptoms of Cat’s Anxiety and What Should be Done

All living things, including humans and animals can experience anxiety. Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of dangers that usually stimulates some body reactions. Animals, such as cats, can also experience anxiety. There are some factors stimulating anxiety for cats, such as separation and some changes in the environment they live in. Cats, unlike humans, […]

9 Signs Your Cat Has Trauma That You Should Pay Attention To

Cats are the animals most raised by humans. This is inseparable from the gentle and docile nature of cats. However, like humans, cats also apparently can experience trauma and depression. You have to know about signs of depressed cats. The trauma experienced by cats can result in impaired physical and psychological health of the cat. […]

Can Cat Fleas Bite Humans? – A Brief Explanation

Cat fleas might have been serious issues for some cat owners. Despite its small size, cat flea is not something you can take easily. Cat flea is one of the blood sucking animals that give you horror. Not only horror for your cats, but it can be harmful for you, too as it might suck […]