Do Egg-Laying Mammals Really Exist?

Mammals are identical to the animals which are giving birth. The examples are horses, cows, lions, dogs and so on. The features of their bodies enable them to deliver and nurse their babies. However, do you know that there are some mammals that are laying eggs? It might be surprising, but the fact is egg-laying […]

After Birth Treatment for Your Cat – Important Notice for Owners

Who doesn’t feel excited of welcoming a new member to the family? When your cat has delivered its babies, it is the joyful time as you get some new members at home. You might have taken care your pregnant cats by looking at the signs of pregnant cat since the beginning carefully and tenderly, and […]

5 Endangered Species of Birds in Indonesia – Action is Needed

Indonesia is a country that is rich in its natural resources, including species of animals, spices, plants and so on. The richness of its natural resources enables this country to be well-known throughout the world. Long time ago, many people from European and other continents were doing trade in this country. One of natural resources […]

You Need to Pay Attention of These Symptoms of Cat’s Anxiety and What Should be Done

All living things, including humans and animals can experience anxiety. Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of dangers that usually stimulates some body reactions. Animals, such as cats, can also experience anxiety. There are some factors stimulating anxiety for cats, such as separation and some changes in the environment they live in. Cats, unlike humans, […]

Can Cat Fleas Bite Humans? – A Brief Explanation

Cat fleas might have been serious issues for some cat owners. Despite its small size, cat flea is not something you can take easily. Cat flea is one of the blood sucking animals that give you horror. Not only horror for your cats, but it can be harmful for you, too as it might suck […]

8 Blood Sucking Animals that will Give You a Horror

Drinking blood is usually done by Dracula and vampire and it seems so scary to see vampire or Dracula on TV drinking blood from humans. Fortunately, those creatures are only fictions, they are not real. However, there are some creatures that drink blood for survival. Yes, they are known as blood sucking animals. Some animals […]

Top 8 Animals that Practice Cannibalism You’ve Never Thought Before

Eating friends for dinner? Wow, that sounds really scary! However, for some animals, it is a common thing to eat their “friends”. That’s what we call cannibalism. Cannibalism is defined simply as the practice of eating another animal from the same species. Some of you may think that cannibalism is only done by carnivorous animals […]

5 Endangered Animal Species in Galapagos Islands We Need to Protect

Exploring an island always becomes an incredible and fascinating thing to do when you are travelling. Galapagos Islands are considered as the best tourist destination that are located around 600 miles from Ecuador that come in the form of volcanic islands. These islands are rich in unique species of plants and animals you can find […]

Top 8 Smallest Animals in the World You Never Know!

It is always interesting to talk and discuss about animals. Animal has been one of the unique and interesting living things to be explored. Animals come in different sizes, ranging from huge animals to small animals or even tiny animals. By its size, animals are formed to have different features that enable them to survive […]

7 Types of Food Your Rabbit Shouldn’t Eat and Why

Keeping an animal at home is a fun thing to do. One example of animal you can keep at home is rabbit. Due to its cuteness and ease of taking care of it make many people think of keeping it as a pet. However, you still need to pay attention to some details because you […]