Pink Eye in Hamster; How it Comes

Maintain the health of your pet was the most important task in the ownership. Consider that hamsters are very delicate creatures, you need to understand proper ways of nursery. As you know hamsters love to play, they were active animal which always have their own “things” to do. So, provide all the needs that could channel their energy is essential. What kind of things you need to provide? Toys! Yes, without the toys, hamster is not hamster anymore.

However, toys selection must be execute carefully, often times toys would not only bring joy but also misery for hamster. Yes, toys could harm your hamster; many cases of fractures in hamster occurred associated with unsafe toys. Therefore, as the owner you should really understand which toys are safe and which toys are not. Furthermore, the health of hamsters maintain with keeping the hamster’s environment clean all the time, so there’s no room for ticks or other animal could infect hamster with bacteria, which happened to bacterial blood-poisoning.

Most of the time, baby and young hamsters more likely vulnerable than other stage of ages. For the example, there’s disease called tyzzer’s disease that mostly strike baby and young hamster; this disease was every fatal which often times leads to the death of hamsters. Another common but dangerous illness was come from infection due the attacked of bacterial. Keep in mind, always check your hamster body condition, if you ever noticed some open wounds on hamster’s body, you need to treat it immediately.

Untreated open wound was the cause of abscesses on hamsters, such as lumpy jaw in hamster. Lumpy jaw caused by open wounds inside hamster’s mouth and lead to infection on hamster. Infection could be light but also dangerous at the same time depend on how fast treatment is done. Talk about infection, today we would discuss about one of the infection which occur in hamster’s eyes called pink eyes. Pink eye in hamster; how it comes? Without further, let’s check this out!

Eyes’ Problems in Hamster

It is surprising, but eyes’ problem in hamster is one of the common illness that experienced by all hamsters around the worlds. Some of illness are rare than the others, and others are also more common – it’s all depend on the causes of the problems itself. But, yes, hamster sometime experienced eyes’ problems too like people

Therefore, it’s always a good idea for owners to get insight of all the eyes problem that could occur in your little pet hamsters:

  • Protruding Eyes: is unsymmetrical eyes condition in hamster’s eyes which you can notice by take a look from above the hamster. If at any case one of the eye is sticking out more than hamster’s head, then yes your hamsters was get this problem. Protruding eyes occur associated with injury or infection.
  • Eyelid Rub: is commonly happened to Rex’ breeds. It’s the condition where hamster’s eyelid changed shape and rub against hamster’s eyes which cause entropion – the painful condition.
  • Sticky Eyes: happened because of eyes secretions during the sleep time. Most of the time sticky eyes happened to older hamsters although it could also experience by the young (rare case). So, the hamsters are unable to open their eyes when they were awakened due the secretion that dry up the eyes that cause hamster’s eyelids stick together.
  • Eyes Infections: many times something that stuck in hamster’s eyes couldn’t get rid by itself. These conditions leads to several situations such as swelling around the eyes and your hamster might be weeping. If this occur in you hamster, you should brought him into the vet as soon as possible.

Those are every common eyes problem in hamsters that could strike wide range of hamsters with no exception. But, how about the pink eyes? Is that a common disease or it’s classified as a rare one? Let’s find out together in pink eye in hamster; how it comes?

Pink Eyes in Hamster

Pink eyes also known widely as conjunctivitis in hamsters which is the inflammation occurred on the outermost layer of hamster’s eyes. Pink eyes happened caused by many health conditions of hamsters, included: irregular teeth position of hamster such as unparalleled aligned teeth, overgrown or diseased teeth, and cause by injuries. Furthermore, pink eyes or conjunctivitis also caused by these two reasons: first, bedding dusts that leads to irritation, and second is caused by bacterial infection.

This problem is not classified as serious problem but it could trigger further complication if it leaves untreated. So, yes, bring hamster to vet immediately is necessary. One thing you should remember, hamster’ eyes irritation was different than human; do not ever try to self-administer medication without vet prescription. Hamsters are sensitive to many kinds of drugs and tend to get allergic if you give them improper medicines. Always make sure to contact and consult with the vet before medication applying.

The Cause of Problem:

As I mentioned previously, pink eye or conjunctivitis problem occur based on this causes: irritation caused by bedding dusts, bite or other injuries wounds, bacterial infection, and dental disorders or other dental issues.

Symptoms of Pink Eyes:

When hamster was suspected with pink eyes, several symptoms might occur to the hamster, included: redness exhibit in the eyelids’ edges, watering eyes discharge in forms of oozing and dripping, swollen eyes and face (it’s very rare case), dry and sticky eyelids, and if the problem untreated for a long time, purulent or pus-like might be occur.


Conjunctivitis problem would be suspect by clinical observation by the vet. Plus, the vet would run some pus-discharge and blood tests to determine the agent infection that caused the eye problem.

Treating the Problem:

Then, the last step is treated the problem of hamster’s eyes. To clean the bacteria the vet would always prescript antibiotic eye drops or oral antibiotic for your beloved pet. Before the applying of antibiotics, with the help of mild saline eyewash the vet would remove eyes discharge and clean the effected eyes.