Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies and cartoon made based on this particular animal. The varieties of rabbit’s species also become attractive part for many people to choose.

There so many breeds of rabbits and some of them I’m sure most of you, people knew about it, for the examples are: cottontail rabbits, Beveren rabbits, Flemish Giant rabbits, lionhead rabbits, angora rabbits, and many more, But, you need to understand something that not every single of this adorable species of animal is domesticated; there are also wild rabbits you would see in the forests, in the thick bushes places, and other places with many plants surround it.

In general, rabbits are perhaps one of the most docile and kind domesticated animals to pet. Perhaps, this is the number one reason why parents often gift rabbit as a present for their children. The second one, there’s no other animal that have those pointed long ears such rabbits! Well, what I’ am going to say is the appearances of rabbits. They were just perfect! Fluffy hair, adorable creature! But, my friends, do you ever wonder do there’s any scientific reasons behind these perfect appearances of rabbits?

Today’ article, we would try to find scientific facts about why does rabbit created as the cutest animal like now. Don’t go anywhere, stay with us!

Scientific Reason why Rabbit is Cute

Well, this might be a little bit weird question perhaps, and I’m sure no one ever try to look for the scientific reason behind rabbit cute appearances. But, it is very interesting that finally we know there’s study which devoted their discussion to rabbit’ special appearances. Therefore, we would learn further about scientific facts about why does rabbit created as the cutest animal. The cuteness appearance that is projected into rabbit apparently was influenced by rabbit’s skull morphology and demographic factors.

Obviously, rabbit has the skull structures that are totally different from another species of animals and of course, human. Generally, domestic rabbits have this shorter and flatter faces compare to the wild rabbits. Unfortunately, rabbit with flatter faces come with a higher risk of some considerable health problems such as painful dental problems. But, the fact – despite the fact that flat faces rabbit is on a higher risk of  health issues, this particular rabbits are become the demand of many people which leads to the potential of breed and purchase.

On this study, there are 25 faces of rabbits that used as the type-faces questionnaires picked by 134 professional animals’ veterinarians. The questionnaires were held online; people who join the questionnaires should rate those 25 faces of the rabbits according their own rabbits’ faces preferences. Globally, there are approximately about 20,858 questionnaires that had been collected all around the world. The result of the study reviled that the most favorite type of face based on the total numbers of people was the midly flat-faced rabbits.

The scale of the midly flat-faced rabbits was from the extremely flat-faced to the extreme long-faced. Based on the result, the least preferred faces of rabbits was fell to the longest faces rabbits. Apparently, there’s another factor of preference that influenced people to picked rabbits’ breeds as their pet beside the rabbit’s faces. The factor is the fur. The most preferable fur by a lot of people is the short-haired to the medium-light fur appearances of rabbits.

The conclusion that point out of this result supported the theory that leads to the increment of rabbits’ popularity is that people was preferred rabbit’s features that is constructed with flat-faced baby-like features. But, no matter how popular and the demand of people of these flat rabbits’ breeds, the expert warn all the breeders out there to avoid the breeding of extreme flat-faced rabbits considered the threat of health problems and suggested the breeders to shift the focus of breeding to the midly flat-faced rabbits, such as Havana breed.