The Creepiest Ants Over the World

When thinking about creepy animals, you might think about bigger and more menacing animals such as lion, wolves and tiger, or you might also think about venomous animal such as snakes or hornets. Many people didn’t even consider ant as creepy or dangerous animals, until they realized that some ants are also even dangerous, creepy […]

The Way to Detect Nervous System Disorders on Gerbills

If you are an animal lovers, you might have already heard and know about this animal, however if you are still amateur animal lovers, and don’t know much about animal, then you might don’t know about this animals at all. It is a gerbil. Well, it is quite unpopular animal in the world, and many […]

Do the Animals Have Their Own Rhythm?

Music is a universal language. We all can enjoy music, even when it speaks on different languages from our mother tongue, through its sounds and rhythm. But, have you ever wonder; what about animals? Do they also understand music?  It all started with Charles Darwin. In 1837, Darwin fascinated with his first great ape imitated […]

All Facts and Fakes About Animal Behaviorist

On the previous article, we know that the study of animal behavior is important for us. Animal behaviorism is a scientific study that involves investigating what animals do, for examples, we study how they find food resources, how they defend themselves from predators, how they choose their mates, reproduce, until how they raise their young.  […]

Get to know Scope Study of Animal Behaviour Here

Do you know that your cat can have emotion? Cats can give you sign when they cry with yowling and watery eyes! In fact, it is not only a cat who can experience an emotion such as fear, rage, or lust. Every animal can do. They also react to their surrounding, just like they are […]

Relationship Between Nature and Animal; Will They Ever be Separated?

Nature, for short, is everything that is normally not made by human. We also like to refer to nature as a geology or wildlife phenomena, where living animals and plants exist and live. It can also refer to weather or climates, which are truly something that out of our controls and intervention.  Talking about nature, […]

What is Animal Culture? Get to know about it here

Dear fellow animal lover! Reading the title up there, have you ever wonder if our animal friend is cultured? Interestingly, we, human being used to the idea of culture as the difference between human and animal. That human can think, while the animal has instinct. This idea stands strong until more convincing evidence of animal […]

8 Signs of a Loyal Dog that You Should Know

A dog is one of the easiest animals to be trained or educated. This animal is usually known for its intelligence and consideration towards its surroundings. There are a lot of people who take a dog as a pet, especially dog with a good fur breed and you may even find dog owners in your […]

2 Harmful Effects of Obesity in Your Pets

Oh, look at those chubby fat animals, they were so cute, isn’t? Are you type of these people who would make a statement like this every time you seen fat animal? I do, and I just couldn’t help my self at it every time I’ve seen those pets which literally look like fluffy giant ball […]

10 Facts To Love About Cows

Many people sees cows as merely as farm animal who are big, slow and could not do much because they tend to label as ‘lazy’ because you just have not find what to love about cows. Unlike dogs or cats who have been knows as wonderful animals and great to be pet, cows are known […]