7 Forbidden Fruits for Your Dogs and the Reasons Why

Fruits are healthy for dogs as for humans as they provide some vitamins and minerals to our body. Eating fruits is also a good habit for your dog. However, don’t ever think that all fruits are good for your dogs. Some fruits are even toxic and able to cause some harmful effects to your dog’s […]

The Types of Food Should be Avoided for Hypertension Dogs

Hypertension is disease that can attack your pets, including your dogs. Your dogs can be exposed to hypertension due to several reasons, such as obesity, aging, genetic or some severe diseases like kidney disease. Hypertension in dogs should be monitored well as it might lead to organ damage. Hypertension is one disease that can attack […]

Be careful! Here’s 4 poisonous holiday plants for dogs

Happy holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, If you are our dear loyal readers and have been following our website for a long time, we wish you the merriest Christmas and we wish you to have a very wonderful holiday time for you and your beloved ones. Well, in this holiday occasion, […]

Can We Make Animal Food by Ourselves At Home?

Sometimes we’re so busy preparing our menu plan for lunch or dinner, but forget to treat our pet better. They have the same meal over and over again, day in and day out. We even often picture animal food like canned food rather than fresh, wholesome food!  We get it. We sometimes have busy schedules […]

3 Recipes You Can Cook For Your Dog: Game Changer

Have you ever cook for your dog? Making your dog food have many benefits, especially if your dog has allergies or gastrointestinal sensitivity since you can control the ingredient in it. Homemade dog food also tends to have more nutrients than processed foods that have additives and preservatives. So, are you interested? Here are some tips […]

14 Delicious Foods That Actually Are Toxic for Your Dog

Even though dog eat meat, it doesn’t mean that you can give your dog all foods that people eat. Dogs are not used to eat some foods that we eat, they can actually harmful and toxic if eaten by dog. Even though the food is delicious or good for you. There are some of your […]

10 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Puppy

Puppies tend to less discriminating what they try to eat. That’s why it’s important for puppy owners to keep an eye on what their puppies eat. There are some foods that are good for people, but actually are dangerous if eaten by puppy. It can cause health problems for puppies, even lead to death. To […]

5 Homemade Diets to Feed Your Sick Dog

When your dog is sick, you can help your dog feeling better by giving him good foods. For example, dog that have digestive tract problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, or upset stomach, needs more nutrition, but usually is difficult to digest the food. Dog with nausea, gas, allergies, diabetes, kidneys or organ’s problems, […]

14 Best Dog Food for Dogs With Skin Allergies

When your dog has skin allergy, so it different treat like he before has allergy. Did you know that with has skin allergy, it makes his food is changing? Skin allergy is allergy symptom which appeared on skin dog. To confirming which one is the stimulator of allergy, you should do some tests. But in […]