7 Popular Myths About Dog Around the World That Most People Still Believe

There are many popular myths surrounding about dog around the world, and many of these myths are sometimes not true at all. Some myths might sound really familiar to you, but some of these myths might sound really strange and hilarious to you. To separate myths from the truth, firstly we need to know many […]

5 Warning Signs That You Must Take Your Dog To The Vet

Are you worried about your dog health? Your dog seems acting up odd, and doing unusual things your dog rarely do? Are you confused should you take your dog to the vets or it isn’t necessary for you to bring your pets to the vets? If you are confused about whether you should take your […]

Your Dog Suddenly Seems Tired? Here Are 6 Causes

Your dog suddenly seems tired, don’t want to play with you, and your dog seems just to want to sleep and lay down on the floor? That means your dog might be lethargic. Lethargy in a dog means sluggishness, dullness or drowsiness that usually you see in your dog. You might think that it is […]

3 Most Common Fleas That Will Affects Your Dog

Fleas are one of the most annoying little pests that commonly infesting any hairy mammals like cats and dogs. Fleas might not be very dangerous, and mostly just like an annoyance pests, unlike the ticks that can cause Lyme disease or lice infestation, fleas might be just a mere annoyance for human and their pets. […]

Warning Signs That Your Dog Might Get Fungal Infection On Skin

Fungal infection or yeast infection is the most common skin disease for dogs. This skin problems for a pet is mostly harmless, however, if you ignore the fungal infection on your lovely pets, it can grow into much more dangerous yeast or fungal infection. To prevent much more harm being done to your dogs, you […]

5 Medical Reasons Your Pet Dog Might Be Itching

Itchy skin or in veterinary term is pruritus is a common medical problem for mammals pet like canine or cat, however, dog is more prone to get this medical problem. Some people might think that itchy skin in their dog isn’t really a big deal however, If not treated carefully, it can lead to many […]

3 Tips to Treat Dog’s Ear Infection with Monistat

Dog ear infection is an infection that can affect three different parts of dog’s ear; outer, middle, and inner (also called otitis externa, otitis media, and otitis interna). Most dog’s ear infections are in the outer ear only and can be treated easily with home treatment. Infections of middle and inner part of ear are […]

How To Help Inability To Urinate In Your Dogs

Hello there, how is your dog, today? Is he in a good condition? We already talk about how to treat a dog with a disease like the tips on how to treat Dog ear infection without a vet and how to treat yeast ear infections in dogs. Otherwise, has your dog ever get an inability to urinate?  So, […]

7 Common Causes of Skin Problems in Dogs

There are many causes of skin problems in dog. Literally the causes are can from inside and outside of dog. The inside is like gen, race, and cell. And the outside is like food, weather, and fungal. Mostly the common causes of skin problems in dogs are of external factors. The external factor can avoid […]