7 Duck Breeds Which Are Suitable to Keep as The Pet

Pet duck has so much benefit. Beside can raise for only pet, duck can also raise to business. There is breed duck that can also use as pet but there is also breed duck that only use for breeding and not suggested to pet at home. You may familiar with pekin duck that already popular […]

How to take care of newborn duck without its mother

Sometimes, when you stroll through the park, you might found abandoned ducklings on the edge of the pond. Newborn ducklings will follow it mother duck to its feeding grounds right after hatch, however, sometimes you can see ducklings that are abandoned and left behind by its mother. What you can do for them is to […]

How to feed baby duck without its mother

Sometimes, when you stroll through park you might find an abandoned duckling on the park pond. After hatching most wild ducklings will follow their duck’s mother to feeding ground on the pond, however not every duckling manage to follow their duck mother as some of the ducklings might get lost and left behind. That is […]

2 ways to care for rescued baby ducks

Duckling can be very cute, they can be cute pets to have and when they grow up into adult they can give you daily eggs if you take care of it right. Duck become quite popular pets, however, if you want to have backyard duck flocks, then you will need to know how to take […]

4 Tips To Raise Wild Ducklings At Your Backyard

Backyard is much popular as place any pet in the home. Not every animal can place inside home moreover the animal which has smell which really bothering the whole housemate. Some situation also not supported to place an animal inside the home like limited space, baby, and some people who had allergy of feather. Literally […]

4 Surprising Benefit Of Taking Duck As Your Pet At Home

Basically pet anything in your home should give you a benefit. Some people may want to be accompanied in home. People who are living alone usually pet something to be friend at home, and so do duck. This animal poultry usually rise in million is popular with some their benefits. As we know animal which […]