Grazing Management for Goat During Humid Winter

During humid winter, the air tends to more moisture than dry season. Humid winter is the season that come up before raining season is really come. So, it is like the beginning of raining season. In this time, the air is little bit cold but also hot at the same time. Did you know by this time, disease transmitted is higher than before?

Beside disease transmitted, one that you must be aware is broken grass. Grass can’t put too long in the water. Grass will rotten and broke if we let it into the water. All kind of water both just drop or dip will break the grass. Farmer usually has problem with this storage system.

Grazing goat during humid-winter is so risky because the grass is wet. As we know that wet grass can invite some disease like maggot or bloated for goat. We actually unrecommended it. You better safe the grass and feed them all in the cage. It more preventable than have to take them all to the outdoor and do grazing.

But don’t need to worry because there are some cheats to hack this problem if you want to just feed them in the cage. Here we go.

  • Wrap the grass using plastic

Plastic here using to protect the grass from any dirt or humidity that come up when the night time or any water drop. You can didn’t use the plastic when you save the grass in outdoor. Make sure that you will using the plastic only in the night time because hot temperature that cause of sun in day will blockage the air inside plastic so the grass will still humid. Don’t forget to make a hole randomly in the surface of plastic as air ventilation.

  • Drying grass machine

After wrapped during night, you can dry the grass in the morning using drying grass machine. Actually, you can dry it both using machine and using sunlight. But when humid winter, sunlight mostly didn’t come and the sky mostly cloudy. So, to drying the grass, you can use drying grass machine. You can make it by your self but also buy it on some machine seller. Why grass need to be dried? After wrapped during the night, we need to erase some water that available on each grass. Before give it to the goat, the grass must be dry enough to avoiding maggot that usually come in humid thing. Beside maggot, something like bacteria also grows in moisture thing so it also about cleanliness.

  • Make sure that ventilation is working enough

To help you reduce the air inside the cage, you surely need air ventilation as circulation air ways. The wind blow will help you to push the humidity to not infect the grass so it free from any moisture. It is necessary for you to install ventilation even in grass storage place. If you needed, you can cover the ventilation using thin wired to filtering something big like flea that can come to the grass. In this point, make sure that you are not only safe the quality grass but also protect the grass itself.

  • Cage modification

If the humid is really critical, maybe you need to do some modification to your cage. How to modification the cage? To war with humid-winter season, you may need an extreme method like building a lot of air ventilation. But keep on your mind that you can use the ventilation only on day. In the night make sure to cover it using plastic or something waterproof.

  • Installing cooling additional machine

Same as ventilation, you can use this thing only at the night. Cooling machine using to reduce the grass perfectly so when you day come, you don’t need to drying the grass too long. Beside to safe the time, this way is more effective to reduce any moisture thing in grass itself. Also, cool temperature helps you to kill bacteria that may comes to the grass. So, it must’ve cleaner.

Grazing goats in the winter time is so risky. You better don’t force it if the grass condition is too moisture. Some bacteria and any problem will invited by this condition.

Winter come and go at their own time. We can’t prevent the time, but all we can do is prevent to reduce the loss that cause by this season transition. Grass, as we know is really sensitive and to treat it, we surely need some ways and formula. Basically, broken food will cause some healthy problem for goat and because of that make sure that the grass is pretty clean and healthy.

The key to protect the grass in humid-winter how to manage how much air and how much water that can be tolerance. This management may need more your energy but it is sure will be your routine activity when the raining season is coming really.