Ways to Make your Cats Comfortable in Their New Home

Moving a cat to a new home is not an easy thing for most of cat parents. Cats are known as territorial creatures so that transferring them into a new home they’re not used to can cause some stress, even for kittens. As a cat parent, you have to make sure that your cat is […]

8 Tips on How to Make your Cat’s Mood Happy

Seeing our pet’s mood happy is a dream of every pet parent. There are so many conditions that can bring happiness to our pets, including our cats. If you have a cat at home and is sad or inactive all day, then you should start wondering about what happens to your cat. The causes of […]

Take a Note of these 10 Smells that Cat Hate

Do you know that cats have smells that they hate? Surprisingly, yes they do! Cats have very sensitive noses, and that’s why a slightly unpleasant smell can irritate them. Cats also hate the smell that humans love, so if you plan to have a very expensive perfume that smells really good, then your cat may […]

6 Effective Ways on Calming Cat Aggression – Important Notice for Owners

Aggression is something common happening to animals. Cats, despite their mostly nature as pets, also experience aggression. Aggression is commonly defined or interpreted as a way of intimidating or showing domination to other animals. Here are the examples of the methods to stop dog aggression towards people. You can learn some techniques of it there! […]

7 Ways You Should Do to Make your Cat Happy – Cat Owners Must Know!

Do you feel happy when you have a pet at home? Every pet owner is supposed to be happy when they have a pet, though having a pet at home is everyone’s choice. Because you feel happy as an owner, then you are supposed to make your pet feel happy as well. Cat is one […]

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Try to Escape from Your Home

We keep our cat inside for good reason. They sometimes make attempts to escape. You do not know how cats behaviours without their owners at home so many cat owner make great efforts to make their cat feel at home and never want to go outdoor. Pet cats naturally unable to handle the sensory of […]

9 Ways on How to Prevent Your Cat to Escape from Your Home

Cats are one of the unique and funny animals. Besides having a funny behaviour, cats are also one of the animals that have a loving and spoiled nature. So many cases we find that cats are adopted as a pet. Apparently, cats that are kept have a tendency to escape home. Of course there are […]

3 friendly christmas tree for your beloved cat

Hello our dear readers, and if you read this article by the time we post it or at least not long after we made it, Merry Christmas! And happy New Year! Christmas is a time where every family member will come together and gather in revelations and joy. Everyone loves Christmas and the best way […]

how to keep cat away from christmas tree

Happy holiday, Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hope the spirit of holiday is always high for you, and all of your holiday plans will run smoothly without any hassle. If you are looking to plan out your holiday, then there are some things you might need to consider from buying your Christmas decorations, inviting […]

2 recommended cat proof holiday decoration at home

First of all, happy holiday and merry Christmas! Nothing much better than spending a holiday time with all of the family member surrounded by your loved ones without much worry in this world. Whenever planning a holiday trip, or planning to decorating your house with Christmas decorations, you should always consider a choice of your […]