Causes of Seizures in Cat Every Cat Parent Must Know

It is always nice and happy to see our cats feel happy and healthy. However, there are some diseases that might attack your cats and make them feeling sick. You can name the common diseases in cats, such as bronchitis in cats, arthritis and so on. Don’t you feel happy seeing your cat feels sick? […]

5 Easy Steps on How to Treat Limping in Cats

Cats have more legs than humans do. Despite that fact, they still limp when they have their legs hurt. Limping cats can be caused by several conditions, as stated in causes of limping in cats. Limping in cats occurs because of some reasons, such as the injury or debilitation of one or more parts of […]

Step-by-step on How to Clean Cat Ears

Keeping our pet clean is a must, including the cat ears. Cat ears are rarely touched, but they can be prone to wax build-up and lead to ear infections. Though it is not common to clean cat ears, but it is very important part of your cat’s hygiene needs. The structure of the cat’s ear […]

11 Causes of Limping in Cats: Every Cat Parent Must Know!

Every cat parent wishes to have a happy and healthy kitty. Check these 5 signs that you have a happy and healthy cat. It will not be fun to see the kitty struggle to get around due to something wrong with her legs. There are several reasons why your kitty might get it hard to […]

Let’s Understand More About Lethargy in Cats

Cats mostly spend most of their time sleeping and that is considered natural. However, due to this fact, you might not be immediately aware that lethargy is associated with something wrong with your cat. What is lethargy? Lethargy is a condition where your cat is not feeling well and it could be related to any […]

Tachycardia on Cats: Causes – Symptoms and Treatment

Tachycardia on cats is simply a condition when the cats are having rapid heart rate. The average heart rate of cat ranges from 140 to 220 beat per minute (bpm). When a cat has a heart rate greater than 220 bpm, then the cat might have tachycardia. Also get to know some heart and blood […]

Everything about Lump on Cats: Is it Dangerous?

Having a bonding moment with your cat is always a fun and exciting time. Petting your cat will make her feel comfortable for sure. However, when you are petting her, have you ever felt a lump on her skin? It might be small and it doesn’t bother your cat at all, but actually it might […]

Find Out the Causes of Rapid Breathing in Cats

You might not know the speed of a normal cat’s breathing. That’s why most of the owners do not realize that their cats are experiencing fast breathing. A normal cat which is healthy breathes around 20 to 30 times per minutes. Normal cats breathe the oxygen throughout their lungs and the oxygen is circulated throughout […]

Here are the Things to Do when Your Cat’s Stool has Blood

Have you ever looked at your cat’s litter box and found out blood in it? What does it mean and what are the reasons of it having blood? Blood in cat’s stool might be bright red, dark red or even black. Each color of blood in your cat’s stool underlying different meaning. Blood can also […]

You Cat doesn’t Want to Eat? Do these Tips to Get Your Cat to Eat

Seeing your pet does not want to eat surely makes you sad. Every pet owner must want his or her pet, such as cat, eats well and happily. You can check 5 signs that you have a happy and healthy cat to make sure you have a healthy and happy cat. When your cat doesn’t […]