Everything about Lump on Cats: Is it Dangerous?

Having a bonding moment with your cat is always a fun and exciting time. Petting your cat will make her feel comfortable for sure. However, when you are petting her, have you ever felt a lump on her skin? It might be small and it doesn’t bother your cat at all, but actually it might […]

Find Out the Causes of Rapid Breathing in Cats

You might not know the speed of a normal cat’s breathing. That’s why most of the owners do not realize that their cats are experiencing fast breathing. A normal cat which is healthy breathes around 20 to 30 times per minutes. Normal cats breathe the oxygen throughout their lungs and the oxygen is circulated throughout […]

Here are the Things to Do when Your Cat’s Stool has Blood

Have you ever looked at your cat’s litter box and found out blood in it? What does it mean and what are the reasons of it having blood? Blood in cat’s stool might be bright red, dark red or even black. Each color of blood in your cat’s stool underlying different meaning. Blood can also […]

You Cat doesn’t Want to Eat? Do these Tips to Get Your Cat to Eat

Seeing your pet does not want to eat surely makes you sad. Every pet owner must want his or her pet, such as cat, eats well and happily. You can check 5 signs that you have a happy and healthy cat to make sure you have a healthy and happy cat. When your cat doesn’t […]

8 Proven Benefits of Fish Oil for Cats

Fish oil has some benefits for both humans and animals, including pets, such as dogs and cats. Fish oil is rich in an anti-coagulant that prevents blood clots from forming in cats that are infected by heart disease. Some people think that heart disease is impossible for cats, but it is. See the full explanation […]

Here are the Reasons Why Do Cats Love Catnip so Much

Cat is a playful pet that really enjoys playing either with toys and with its owner. Cat really know how to have fun! If you are wondering how to know that a cat wants to play with you, you can check signs of cats that wants to play If you see those signs, then you […]

Bronchitis in Cats: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you know bronchitis? You might think that only humans can suffer from bronchitis. If you think this way, then your thought is wrong. Some pets, such as cats have the possibility of getting bronchitis. Cats tend to show some signs to their owners that they are sick. Check these signs that your cat is […]

After Birth Treatment for Your Cat – Important Notice for Owners

Who doesn’t feel excited of welcoming a new member to the family? When your cat has delivered its babies, it is the joyful time as you get some new members at home. You might have taken care your pregnant cats by looking at the signs of pregnant cat since the beginning carefully and tenderly, and […]

9 Signs Your Cat Has Trauma That You Should Pay Attention To

Cats are the animals most raised by humans. This is inseparable from the gentle and docile nature of cats. However, like humans, cats also apparently can experience trauma and depression. You have to know about signs of depressed cats. The trauma experienced by cats can result in impaired physical and psychological health of the cat. […]

8 Cat Diseases That Can Be Contagious to Their Owners

Cats are one of the pets most often treated by humans. Many types of cats are often used as human pets. But, like humans, cats can also be affected by disease. Diseases suffered by cats also vary. There are diseases that do appear often and aren’t too dangerous for cats. There are also diseases that […]