10 Common Reasons Why Bunnies Die Suddenly

You must all feel happy while welcoming your pet bunnies home. However, most rabbits that seem to be perfectly healthy could die even for no apparent reason. There is always a cause of death, no matter how sudden it is. Bunnies are born in litters consisting of 1 to 14 babies. They start eating what […]

5 Common Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Rabbits

Weight loss happening to any animals can be an indication of something bad, including rabbits. Rabbits are supposed to remain roughly the same weight throughout their adult years. If they suddenly lose weight, especially a very sudden and rapid weight loss, then you should start to get worried. There must be a problem with their […]

Can We Use Mascara to Comb our Rabbit’s Fluff?

There are many rabbit’s breeds you could pick as pet, such as cottontail rabbits, Beveren rabbits, Flemish Giant Rabbits, lionhead rabbits, Angora rabbit, and many others. But, note this, people, there are still wild rabbits out there that prefer nature as their home. Furthermore, as one of the most preferable pet on earth, there’s a […]

Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies […]

Facial Nerve Paresis on Rabbits; Does It Will be the Dead Cause?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets and choices of pets by many people and pet lovers. This small animals are the best choice if you can’t withstand bigger animal such as cats or dogs as they are smaller than them and very cute too. One advantages of having a rabbits as your turtle […]

5 Causes of Loose Weight Drastically on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the most interesting and one of the most popular pets to take care of. Rabbit, unlike other pet such as cats or dogs are quite differences in care, feeding, behaviour, and generally different way to take care of it. Rabbit is a Leporidae a small mammals from the order of Lagomorpha […]

How to Overcome the Poison on Rabbit?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pet and they are sought after by many people and proved to be cute selections of pet for many animal lovers. There are many cause that make rabbits are an excellent choice to be your pets, as there are many advantages of having a rabbit as your pet […]

Do the Rabbits Feel Neck and Back Pain?

You might have already familiar with rabbits this cute little ball of fur is one of the cutest small animal, and also one of the most popular kind of pets all over the world. Not only as a pet, there are also many rabbits that are keep as house pet and even livestock. Rabbits are […]

The Types of Bacterical Infection on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the popular pet to have. They are generally small animal, smaller than cats and dogs of course and that is why many people think that rabbit is generally easier to take care of. It is true that unlike cats or dogs, you don’t need to train your rabbit too much. Rabbit […]

How to Indicate Traumatized on Rabbit?

Hello our dear reader and welcome to our beloved and humble animal website that provides everything you might need to take care of animals. If you are truly animal lovers and love to know more all about animals, then our website will be the perfect place for you. Our website strive to provide every of […]