Does Your Dog Shiver? Get to Know the 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Shiver and Ways to Solve Them

Shivering or shaking is one of the ways the dog wants to show us that there is something wrong with it. As an owner, you need to be aware of the causes so you can find the best solution to cover it. Shivering can be one of the ways how your dogs try to communicate […]

10 Ways on How to Prevent Hair Loss in Your Beloved Dog

Dogs that have beautiful hair are longed for dog lovers. However, not infrequently dogs often experience hair loss. In fact, some types of dogs experience hair loss throughout the year, such as Herder. Kintamani dogs, that are original breeds from Bali Island, also can experience hair loss throughout the year. Not only the weather and […]

7 Simple Exercises for Your Dog to Maintain Its Health -Should be Known for Dog Owners!

Exercising is a great way to maintain our health, so for dog is. Just like us, dogs also need to exercise. There are so many benefits of exercising for dogs. Do you believe that dogs that like to exercise are well-behaved dogs? You might be wondering why. Well, dogs that like to exercise must be […]

How to Phase Out Treats When Dog Training

We have talked about the effectiveness of using food during dog’s training. Turns out, food can raise the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has a major role to regulate movement and positive emotional response, and motivate them to seek or move towards the food reward. The use of food can motivate your dogs to […]

Is It True That Owning Dog Will Help You Living Longer Life?

Are you a dog person? Good to know, then! You probably agree that dog is not only an excellent pet but more than that, dog is also a good friend and part of the family. They bring joy and happiness to our home. Even just simply watching them acting cute and lovely can make us […]

The Myth of Dog Year You need to know

Dog is a lovely creature, loyal animal, and one of the most loyal friend of human as there are dubbed as man’s best friend. Dog is an amazing animals, when they are puppies they are very cute, they are smart animals that can be trained to do lot of tricks from simple one like sitting […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Welcome to our humble website with trusted, educational animal website. Here, in our animal website, our purpose is to make an educational article that could help every pet owner, and animal lovers all around the world. If you are truly animal lovers, pet owners who want the best for their pets, or people who want […]

3 Tips For Training Sheepdogs: Your Sheep Farming Assistant

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How to Make Animal Home Shelter for Dogs

As animal lovers, we should love all kind of animals, especially the unfortunate one such as homeless or neglected animals. Sometimes unwanted cat or dog is thrown away from the family, making it left behind on the side of the road without proper home or shelter. This problem may move you to do bigger part […]

Winter time guide! how cold is too cold to let your dog walk outside?

Hello all of the beloved dog owner who wants the best for their dogs, and wants to be the best master for them. So, today we’re going to talk about winter for dogs, and how you should take care of your dog during winter, and guide on how you should take your dog outside for […]