Meet These 9 Adorable Animals of South America

South America stretch from the deep forest of Amazon to the Andes mountains. Across its region, there is a wide range of fauna with various features, sizes, and characteristics. There are some wild animals that only live in Amazon. Moreover, there are some interesting faunas roaming the higher areas of the Andes. Here are some […]

3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals

When we are talking about animals, there are actually many interesting facts and many interesting information all about animals that are actually not many people didn’t know about it. From the biggest animal such as whale, to the smallest ants, to the cutest cats or dogs, animals are such beautiful and such simple creature to […]

Lovely animal christmas tree ornaments in 2019

Happy New Year and we wish you to have a merriest Christmas and smooth holiday this year. For our dearest reader and costumer, we wish you to have the best time of the year and we wish you to spend your holiday with your loved ones and without any hassle and annoyance at all. We […]

Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas

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Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree?

Christmas have come, and now it is the time for the winter holiday revelries. If you are celebrating Christmas today, and hope for the merriest Christmas, then we will gladly give you our regards and wish you the merriest Christmas. We also wish you to have the smoothest holiday, and we wish you to have […]

Why Partridges really famous during christmas?

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why misa del gallo called mass of the rooster?

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Ready to Hear The Bark! 6 Dogs Festival Around The World

In this article, we will bring you to have a sneak peek about another festival that celebrates animals. It is a dog festival! Dogs are every man’s best friend. They deserve their own festival, right? So here are some festivals dedicated to them Ready to hear the bark! 6 dogs festival around the world 1. […]

2 Reasons why Robins became a symbol of christmas

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Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, there is tradition during Christmas holiday. This tradition is called as Yule, a celebration during winter holiday that revolves all around families, gathering and celebration. One iconic thing about Yule celebration in Sweden is the icon of this celebration and that is Yule goat. Yule goat celebration started hundred years […]