Let’s Take an Action to Prevent the Reasons Why Species are Endangered

When an animal is endangered, it means that the species is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. More and more animal species are on the verge of extinction because of some factors. Sadly, the main factor of endangered species is human. Human encroachment on their habitats is the […]

6 Endangered Animals in North America

North America, similar to South America, is home of many rare species that are endemic to the region. However, due to several factors, which are mostly human activities and urban development, it has lost its biodiversity every day with many more species even facing extinction. Also check the other endangered animals in South America. Many […]

9 Coolest Native Animals in Florida

Do you know that Florida is home of a wide variety of interesting and cool animals? From the swamps to the reefs to the forests, Florida is has a diverse habitat. That’s why it is home to an eclectic mix of animals. You can see various animals in one day without traveling far. If you’re […]

8 Animals that Hibernate during Summer

You may know hibernate as a long sleep and it is commonly done during winter, just like a polar bear. However, there are some other animals that also adapt this behavior to cope with the hotter months during summer. The hibernation during summer is known as estivation. Similar to hibernation, these animals will lower their […]

Endangered Animals in South America that Need to Be Saved!

South America is very popular for being home to the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Who doesn’t know the Amazon rainforest? Due to this fact, this continent is also home for a lot of amazing animals. You can find dangerous animals in South America and animals of South America. Unfortunately, there are also some endangered animals […]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Raise Wild Animals as Pets

Wild animals might have captured the hearts of most animal-lovers who look for companions. However, keeping them as pets can come with hidden costs, both for the people and the animals. Wild animals have lived for a long time without any interference of humans. They are also adapted for survival in wild environments. If they […]

Deadliest and Most Poisonous Frogs in the World

Frogs are an important part of many ecosystems around the world. Most of them are beautiful with their amazing coloration on their body. However, their beautiful colours depict something else. The bright colours are usually used by the frogs to warn their predators that they are poisonous. Let’s get to know the poisonous frogs in […]

8 Amazing Animals in Rainforest Biome

For most people, the term rainforest may be related to tall trees with hanging vines and orchids. Besides, it may be inhabited by animals, such as monkeys, noisy parrots, crocodiles and others. For the tropical Amazon rainforest, yes, this image may be true. However, there are different types of rainforests which have different conditions. Make […]

7 Most Colorful Lizards in the World that will Amaze You

Lizards are amazing animals belonging to the genus of Agamidae. Similar to other animals, lizards are uniquely adapted and equipped with some body structures that enable them to survive in specific environments. Some of them are even beautiful and colorful because of their bright markings and eyes of varying different colors. Make sure you read […]

6 Most Colorful Sea Creatures with their Incredible Characteristics

This world is full of amazing animals with their unique characteristics, such as these strongest animals on earth. Some animals are really colorful and vibrant, including the creatures we can find underwater. These colorful sea creatures are amazing, but their bright color may be a sign of warning that they are dangerous. Some animals have […]