9 Animals in Indonesia’s Rainforest

Indonesia’s rainforests are one of the earth’s most naturally and socially rich scenes. The world’s biggest archipelago, Indonesia comprises of very nearly 18,000 islands spreading over between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  The vast majority of Indonesia’s rainforests are found in Papua, on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra with a high rate of endemic […]

Does Polar Bear can be Adopted as a Pet when the Arctic Sea has Melted?

All the wild animals among the wildlife lives was depended on their natural habitat in the nature. A catastrophe occurred when those animals loss their natural habitat, and this is what happened to all the Polar animals in Arctic these days due the ice area has creased. One of the animals that’s in the threat […]

How can Marmoset Monkey Learn the New Dialect?

Nature and animal never can be separated. Nature was the only home of all the wild animals in all species of it; it’s a gift from mother earth that should not be taken from them. It is so much fun to learn how this wildlife live their life among the nature. How fascinating to found […]

3 Unique facts about Red Deer when Giving Birth

Giving birth is the process that every female creatures on earth would experience. For pets, you need to how to help them even if you alone at home. The afterward affect was also experienced by some pets animals – most of the time it’s associated with animals’ changed behaviors and each individual is different. What […]

This Deadly Virus will Infect the Marine Mammals when Arctic Ice is Melting

Deadly virus has disturbed the living creatures for a long time. Virus was known for its ability to infect human and non-human, such as cancer and tumor. Although we knew that not every tumor leads to death, but it still potentially grow into dangerous cancer. Another viruses that in reality effected human and non-human creatures […]

Sex Bias in Bird: How is the Conservation?

The sky would nothing but a large blue painting without its creatures flying on it. Did you ever imagine there’s no song from birds’ chirps in the morning? What would it be like? It would be an empty world, if I may say. In this earth, birds become of one the most inspiring and iconic […]

Zika Virus Infected the Animals in South America: Will it Spread to Entire World?

There’s a lot of good, wondrous thing occurred on earth but at the same time, there’s a lot of bad, dangerous thing threatened the lives of every living things. Throughout the history, human race had been experienced deadly diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. One cured and one another come up. It’s like a circle […]

Why does Take a Picture with the Animals are Forbidden to Do?

Mother earth gifted to us the wildlife among us so that we would not become the only creature (human) on this earth, and we should glad for it. Not only the natures spread magnificent around us, but also all the wonderful wild animals that roamed in it. There’s nothing you could ask to compare with […]

Wild Animals Banned in Circus; How’s Their Mental Health Condition

Have you ever seen the announcement of animal circus? Or, have you ever attended one of them? We all know, under the colorful spotlights, sparks, and confetti, animal circus looks extravagant. It is ecstatic to see elephants in colorful hat playing with balls, tigers jumping into ring fires, or dolphins that swim beautifully with human. […]

Mesmerizing Vivariums for Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko is one of the most popular gecko’s species to keep as pet. People love their unique pattern and color; and yes, it’s true that leopard gecko’s skin’s pattern is similar to the big cat leopard. In the wildlife, gecko’s distribution is spread in the warm climates areas, such as, in swamps, rainforest, and […]