6 Incredible Extinct Animals in Asia

Do you know that several species of animals are extinct? Sadly saying, animal extinction is caused by human interference. Just mention poaching for animal tusks and habitat destruction are the main factors of animal extinction. Spend time reading about vulnerable animals in the world. Here they are, the 6 incredible creatures that have been driven […]

The Most 5 Vulnerable Animals in the World We Need to Protect

Our Earth is a home for more than 30 million species of animals. Unfortunately, a number of those species are at risk of being extinct due to man’s intervention both for personal consumption or entertainment. These vulnerable species can even be found throughout the world. Have we passed the animals extinction in the 20th century? […]

Let’s Sing Together with these 7 Best Singing Birds in the World

Birds are great singers and considered as the most beautiful sounds in nature. Most species of birds only have the male bird singers. Each bird has its own specific tone and style of singing and most of them are beautiful to enjoy. Lovebird is one of the birds that can be trained to sing. Get […]

Would you Dare to Meet these 5 Strongest Animals on Earth?

Have you ever wondered the strongest animals in the world? Is it the elephant or gorilla? Yes, they do belong to the strongest animals in the world. However, not all the strongest animals are big in size. Some strongest animals in the world are small but they have powerful strength even to kill humans! In […]

7 Animals that Migrate during Winter

The weather gets colder during winter. Many people set heater at home to keep them warm and wear heavy clothes and coat outside. Meanwhile, some animals also do many different things to get through the winter. Some of them migrate to another place. Migration means moving to other places where the weather is warmer and […]

Stay Away from these 5 Stinging Insects

Stinging insects belong to the order of insects known as Hymenoptera, which includes ants. Stinging insects are mostly beneficial pollinators as long as they do not give a threat to people or property.  However, you still need to know what insects are stinging. As you are outdoors in the beach, hiking in the mountains and […]

Beware of these 7 Smallest but Deadliest Animals on Earth

Our world is full of amazing creatures, but it is also full of deadly creatures that are dangerous. Deadly creatures are not always big and huge, even the smallest creature like mosquito can be deadly to humans. Never underestimate the power of small animals, as they may bring humans to death. Despite their small size, […]

7 Common Insects You Can Find inside the Soil

Do you know that insects make up the majority of earth’s biomass and it is estimated as high as 1 million named species and 100 million more yet to be discovered? Yes, and most of the insects are found in the soil. They make home underground and spend most of their time underground. For instance, […]

6 Differences Between Leopard and Cheetah

Have you ever mistaken a cheetah for a leopard or vice versa? At first glance, you may think that they are the same, but they are not. Both of them are big cats, but they have distinctive features that make them different. By knowing these differences, you will be able to distinguish them like a […]

Let’s Protect these Endangered Feline Species

Do you know that wild cat species experience long list of challenges? One of the challenges is being extinct. It happens due to several reasons, such as degraded and destroyed habitat, hunting and poaching. Many species of feline around the world are facing extinction and it is possible that they are going extinct soon. There […]