Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Parrot Fever

Parrot fever is an infection which is caused by a specific type of bacteria called Chlamydia psittaci. This infection is also known as parrot disease or psittacosis. As you can see from the name, this disease is acquired from birds, however, parrots are not the only culprits. There might be some wild animals or pet […]

Does Angora Rabbit has The Same Treatment with Angora Cat?

Remember, besides domesticated rabbits (pet) there are wild rabbits that roamed out earth among the wildlife. The distribution of wild rabbits are not limited on the grassland, forest, or woods, but wild rabbits also founded in the dry area such as in the middle of desert, such as the species of Desert Cottontail rabbit. Moreover, […]

Here how to Avoid Common Skin Problems of Iguana

Iguana become one of the most kept reptile alongside with snakes and chameleons. Just like other pet, it comes with the disadvantages and the advantages of keeping iguana as pet. As wild animals, make them a little bit hard to tame unlike domesticated animals. Despite all the scary and tough looks, iguana has amazing facts […]

4 Best Animal Hospital Around the World

Our health must be our main priority, that is number one rule as a living creature. We’ve been created as a flesh and bone which make us want it or not – take a daily routine to make sure everything is fine and normal. Take some exercise every single day, monitoring our foods, and go […]

6 Ways on How to Handle an Eye Infection on Dogs

Dog become one of the most popular animals to take as a pet, just like a cat. There are a lot of dog with their own characteristic. In keeping dog, there should be some problems or disease that could attack a dog such as eye infection. Eye infection should be treated fast and accurate by […]

How to Treat Eye Discharge in Cat Naturally

Eye discharge in cat is usually caused by bacteria, dust allergy, virus, maggots and tumor. If it is not cure as soon as possible, your cat will be blind. The problem eye cat will make some liquids out from its eye and make a dirt pile. You can take home remedy using natural ingredients to […]

10 Causes And Treatment Of Sudden Weakness In Rabbits

Hi there, how is your rabbit now? Are they healthy as well as possible? Okay, now want talk about several causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits. Why rabbit could get sudden weakness? What are the reasons? Well, below here are the most 10 causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits. Let’s check these […]

How to Treat Chicken’s Infection

Having a poultry farm and raising chickens is a bit complex things. But chickens itself is one of a productive animal we can raise. They have become a commodity and the demand for chickens rarely fell down. Almost all part of chickens can be consumed by people and they also provide eggs that give us […]

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive?

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive? Some reasons could be the answer. This can be internal or external factors. Just likely other animal, rabbit has been influenced by environment he grows up and native characteristic himself. The way he maintains his life is the crucial factor that he need to adapt and tolerate during […]

How to Solve Aggressive Behavior In Your Rabbit

Rabbit is the most soft and amusing animal I have ever seen and cared. I believe everyone has the same perception about this. Raising rabbit is very entertaining and rewarding experience after all. A lot of funny and melt heartbreaking occasions you eventually found during your journey with your sweet companions at home. Whether you […]