How to Treat Eye Infection in Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig is one of the exotic pets that is prone to have eye problems. There are various diseases and issues that affect your guinea pig’s eye health. However some of the eye problems are not really familiar as the others. That’s why as an owner of a guinea pig, you need to familiarize yourself […]

Pneumonia in Guinea Pig: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Guinea pigs are small creatures that are lovely to keep as pets at home. However, it might not be lovely anymore when they have some healthy problems. One of the problems a guinea pig might have is pneumonia. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, pneumonia is the no. 1 disease that causes death for guinea […]

6 Causes your Guinea Pigs does not Want to Eat

Guinea pigs are small and cute pets. They are really small so that they need to eat something all the times. By eating something all the time, they can keep their digestive system working and moving. You should start getting worried once your guinea pig stops eating. Many owners are worried if their guinea pigs […]

6 Helpful Tips on Getting Rid of Fleas on Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig is one of the pets that is prone to have fleas on its body. Fleas on guinea pigs are similar to fleas some dogs and cats might have.  If you suspect your guinea pigs to scratch and feel itchy more than usual, then you need to check his coat and be prepared to […]

Loss of Appetite in Guinea Pigs: Causes and Treatment

Do you have a guinea pig at home and find out that he does not want to eat anything? It might be confusing for you. However, don’t worry too much as this article will tell you everything you need to know about it, including the causes and the possible treatment you can do. A guinea […]

Guinea Pig Bath: How to Clean them Properly

Taking care your guinea pigs in proper ways are the fundamental matter to ensure the living of them. There are several basic maintenance need to perform, the first one of course provide the proper diet of guinea pig: knowing the benefit foods for guinea pig and foods we must avoid to give guinea pig. As […]

2 Ways to Clean The Cage of Guinea Pig

Provide all guinea pig necessities must be your number one priority. Knowing all the need of your guinea pig is the most important matter as an owner. The first thing of list should be the new cage or house or habitat for you guinea pig. You should and must have the cage before you bring […]

2 Ways You should Copy to Tame Your Guinea Pig

Taking care animal isn’t an easy matter. Once you decided to be an owner, you need a full commitment to take care of your animal properly with all cost. Remember, you are taken care a living being. You should pour out love – attention on them, and make sure you obey all the guideline instruction […]

Not too Hot, Not too Cold: Guinea Pig Temperature Guide

Guinea pig life requirements are not simply my friend. It might look easy, but if you look closer, there’s a lot of things you need to pay attentions. The first task you need to fulfill once you decided to bring guinea pig home is to create a new habitat for your guinea pig. Just like […]

What are The Best Shampoos for Guinea Pig?

A lot of people enjoy to keep guinea pig as pet. They were playful and fun animal – plus, they were gifted with adorable fluffy appearance that would hypnotize anyone who see them. Taking care of guinea pigs was colored with challenges yet very fun to do. One of the example is purchase guinea pig’s […]