Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, there is tradition during Christmas holiday. This tradition is called as Yule, a celebration during winter holiday that revolves all around families, gathering and celebration. One iconic thing about Yule celebration in Sweden is the icon of this celebration and that is Yule goat. Yule goat celebration started hundred years […]

How can Goats Identify a Small Emotional Changes?

Goat was one of the most famous livestock animals on earth. We often hear about the goat meat and milk which are so popular among foods lovers. Due the opportunity of successful goat farm, many people try they luck to open up the business of their own. However, take care of goats – male and […]

Wants A Goat As Pet But Not For The Size? Here Are 3 Small Goat Breeds To Consider 

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4 Places Where You May See A Rare Kind Of Sheep, The Bighorns

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5 Symptoms That Will Appear To Tell You Whether Your Goat Is Sick

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Do You Know Goats Wear Blanket? Find Out The Importance

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Goat for Your Qurban

Every 10 Dzul Hijjah, muslims would invest on cattle and sacrifice them as a symbol of appreciation and love to Allah and Allah’s blessings. The process of sacrificing cattle is done in a way that causes the minimum amount of pain to said cattle, which the meat is then donated to the less fortunate to […]

The Differences Between Male and Female Goats

Goats have been an increasingly popular choice to breed, due to their growing demand within the food industry. Considering the costs and revenue ratio, goat breeding has become a comparatively profitable business that takes minimum effort. If you’re considering on starting a goat farm of your own, there are several things you have to prepare […]

Causes of A Goat’s Pregnancy Loss and How to Prevent It

Goat breeding is a common practice in any village, due to the high demand of its meat (and its milk for some goats). A successful goat breeding depends on a successful reproduction program. Sometimes, one problem that you can find during such program is a pregnancy loss. This article describes the causes of a goat’s […]

How To Properly Care For A Newborn Goat

Breeding goats of your own is a common practice in the rural areas. Wether it is done in a domestic scale, or something much larger, goat breeders often profit due to the consistent high demand for their meat – just as long as their goats keep on reproducing. When they do, it is the breeder’s […]