5 Animals with Bad Memory

Many animals in the world have an outstanding good memory. They can remember things for a long time. Those animals are dogs, elephants, parrots, and dolphins. However, there are also some animals that have bad memory. You may think that all smart animals have good memory, but it turns out that some smart animals also […]

Would you Dare to Meet these 5 Strongest Animals on Earth?

Have you ever wondered the strongest animals in the world? Is it the elephant or gorilla? Yes, they do belong to the strongest animals in the world. However, not all the strongest animals are big in size. Some strongest animals in the world are small but they have powerful strength even to kill humans! In […]

8 Dangerous Animals in Japan You Should be Aware of

Japan is a fun place to visit as it has many interesting things to explore. Japan’s wildlife is also worth visiting and exploring. Japan also owns many endemic species that can be found nowhere else in other parts of the world. Some of the species are also endangered and rare. Talking about animals in Japan, […]

Get Familiar with these 7 Outstanding Animals Native to Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is known to have strong cultural background. If you have ever visited Thailand, this country has elephants as the icons or symbols of some aspects. Elephant is also the country symbol of Thailand. Elephant is also one of the smartest animals in the world. Beside elephant, Thailand […]

Hurry! Look at these 6 Slowest Animals in the World

Every single animal in the world has its own characteristics. Some are really fast, while some others are really slow. Let’s just name the fastest animal, cheetah and the slowest animal which is tortoise or turtle. You might have ever been familiar to hear “as slow as a turtle”. However, turtle is not the only […]

Get to Know these 8 Electric Animals that might Give You a Shock!

Electricity is one essential thing for humans’ life. However do you know that some animals have electricity power or even produce electricity? Calm down, they produce electricity or have electricity power as their way to protect themselves from predator. Animals have their own way of protecting themselves and getting their prey. One of them is […]

3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals

When we are talking about animals, there are actually many interesting facts and many interesting information all about animals that are actually not many people didn’t know about it. From the biggest animal such as whale, to the smallest ants, to the cutest cats or dogs, animals are such beautiful and such simple creature to […]

Lovely animal christmas tree ornaments in 2019

Happy New Year and we wish you to have a merriest Christmas and smooth holiday this year. For our dearest reader and costumer, we wish you to have the best time of the year and we wish you to spend your holiday with your loved ones and without any hassle and annoyance at all. We […]

Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas

Happy holiday, and merry Christmas to all of you, our dear readers, viewers and our loyal patron, here in our animal care website, we will definitely wish you a merriest Christmas and the most pleasant holiday. If you have been following our animal care website for long, then you are our loyal costumer and have […]

Why Partridges really famous during christmas?

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! As our loyal readers and viewers, we wish you the merriest Christmas and hope you will have the most enjoyable holiday of all time. We wish you to have the merriest Christmas and most pleasant holiday. In this winter holiday revelries, we would like to present you with the […]