Let’s Find Out the Reasons Hamsters want to Escape

Hamsters are small creatures that are easy to escape. Keeping them in their cage can be really challenging. As an owner, you need to be aware of the reasons and ways to prevent your hamsters from escaping as they are safest when they are inside their cages. Let’s go deeper on each of the reasons […]

4 Possible Reasons Hamsters Suddenly Die

Hamsters like all living beings can also face a sudden death. This is in fact very common amongst all hamster owners. As owners, it is important that you know the causes of these deaths as well as prevent it as much as possible. These animals are tiny and cute, they can also be called as […]

Signs Hamster is Stressed and What You Should Do About It

Getting stressed is not only experienced by humans, but some animals experience stress too. One example is a fish. You can see reasons why your fish get stressed and how to overcome it. Another small animal, namely hamster, can also experience stress. It might look cute for you, but you never know what your hamster […]

Doe Hamster Get Breeding Disorders?

Hamster is one of the small mammals that are quite popular choice of pets for many people all around the world. Hamster, alongside with its other cousin such as chinchilla, ground squirrel or sugar glider are popular for a people who want pet that are easy to take care of, won’t require much space, not […]

Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters?

Hamster might not be a popular pet as dogs, not much cuter as a house pets like cats and you of course can’t train them to do trick. However, hamster is still one of the cheaper choice of pets, and easier pet to take care of compared to such a bigger pets like cats, dogs […]

6 Ways to Prevent Hamsters From Contracting Salmonellosis

Do you have a pet hamster at your home? As a hamster owner, we all want to keep our little furry friend healthy all the time, right? We will try to provide them with fresh food, pellets, even some additional supplement just to keep them away from getting sick. Besides many types of illnesses in […]

Fat Hamster; Is It Good or Danger for Hamster’s Health?

Who doesn’t love a cute chubby hamster? Hamsters tend to keep their food in their cheeks pouch, which makes them have a chubby appearance. However, it will be harder for us to tell whether our little friend is getting fat or not. Besides, hamster is one of animals who can easily gain weight if we […]

How Does Teddyhamster Look Like?

Well hello there our dear readers and viewers, welcome to our small but always humble animal website that always give out a simple animal care guide and animal facts to read every day. If you are truly animal lovers and seeking animal care guide then you might want to check out our dear article here. […]

Hamster lovers! Is it Worth to Join the Hamsters Online Community?

Greetings Hamster lovers! How are you little furry friend doing? Is he happy and healthy? Well, we already discussed a lot about how to take care of the hamster. From what to consider before buying one, how to set up your hamster’s cage, until their favorite meals that you can choose for their diet plans! […]

Do Russian Hamsters Should Live in The Wild Nature Before It Is Caring?

Russian hamsters or Russian dwarf hamsters are one of the most popular types of rodent pests. When not in captivity, Russian hamster is native North-Kazakhstan and western Siberia, but nowadays, they are even popular across Europe and North America. Their natural fur color is ‘ruddy’ or ‘agouti’ color, which is a kind of grayish or […]