Aging in Dogs: Can it be Recognized from the Beginning?

Dog was one of God’s gift for humanity. They were creature that all we could want: loyal, kind, and the best companion for you and your family. If this is your first time dog, you might need to help the dog adjust with a new family, once he adapted with the new family, trust me […]

2 Things that Must be Considered when You Buy The Rabbit Cage

Small pets are the best option for you who interesting to keep animal as pet in limited space. The animals such chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, and rabbit are the best option for you. But, however, there are people – since the beginning – are attracted to small pets, because (commonly) small pets are gifted with […]

11 Tips to Take Dog Travel Safely

Some dog loves to drive in a car, and taking them with you anywhere will have a lot of fun. But this might not working for every dog. This article might share a few safe tips that you can consider before traveling in car with your lovely pet, whether they like it or not. Here […]

Cheap Tips To Build A Comfy Iguana Cage

A reason will obstructing you to pet iguana at home is budget. This reason is also feels with iguana farmer who will raise a dozen iguanas. Why this point become so crucial? As we know to make iguana feel comfy and safe, we need to design their cage as same as their wild life. It […]

How To Handle With Your Dog’s First Night At Home

Hello there, are you still excited to know more about dogs? If it is yes, today we will learn about simple things but it is a must. It is an important thing especially you as the new owners. Well, when you adopted a dog or you pick a dog in the street to a home. […]

7 Easy Tips to Keep Multiple Cockatiels at Home

The more the merrier. This saying apparently applies well to some pet owners. They decide to keep more than one pet to liven up their houses. Cockatiel as one of the most common adopted bird is no exception. Some bird owners choose to have more than one cockatiel at house to have the advantages of […]

How to Keep Multiple Finches at Home

Finch bird is become popular to be pet animal because they are easy-benign and also has beautiful tweet. Because their popularity, many people both which beginner and veteran try to raise this bird for profit. By this fact, it makes them raise multiple finches at home at the same time.  They usually raise it in […]

11 Simple Tips to Raise Zebra Finch for Beginner

By their high value and mostly people are high interest with them is drag some people to try raise him. High profit will be the guarantee while we see about the enthusiasm to this thing. Yes, it is. It is Zebra Finch. Zebra Finch is one all the most hunted finch for birdsong lovers besides […]

How to Make Finch Bird Getting Used to You

Finch is a popular bird that can we meet easily in home settlement. Unlike to other bird, finch used as pet bird because their some uniquely. Believe it or not, finch has some special skills like easy to be tamed and quick survivor, being disaster natural detector, and smart imitator. Back to the reason why […]

6 Effective Ways to Make A Kitten Trust You Fast

It must be somewhat distressing to own a kitten that always cowers, hisses or even scratches your hand whenever you try to make a contact with her. Do not worry though. This issue is surely common among people seeking new companies out of new kittens; although in some cases you can find kittens that are […]