Can Iguana get Along with Cat? In case You want a New Pet

Having a pet animal is one of many people interest; especially for those whose love animals. Now days, the options of pet animals is quite a lot than in the old days. People would judge you for your choices of pet, especially for you who interested for exotic animals. But, who cares now? As long […]

Just Wondering do Iguana Able to Hibernate?

Iguanas are known as the herbivorous reptile which is become one of the most likeable reptile to be pet. Still, the wilderness of nature inherited in iguana’s blood, caused some various behaviors that would surprise you. To have an iguana you could easily purchase them on stores (would be better if you come to the […]

The Sneeze of your Iguana: Should You be Worried?

Sneeze is normal thing that happened to us. It’s a signal to us about certain body’s condition we should aware of. Ordinarily, human’s sneeze is the sign of cold or flu’s symptom. But, what would we think if sneeze happened to our pet iguanas? The sneeze of your iguana: should you be worried? Although iguana […]

Some Says Iguana does not Drink Water, Really?

Do you have an iguana? Apparently, these days people pay more attention to one of this reptile. Yes, among many other reptiles, iguana become the most popular species as a pet. There are two common options for you if you consider keeping an iguana in your house: first one is purchase an iguana in the […]

Iguana Invasion in Unlikely Places, Why are They there?

Iguana invasion in unlikely places, why are they there? Iguana should be live and stay in the place where they are belonged. As a pet, this herbivorous reptile should be stay calm and lazy in their lovely habitat miniature. But, what would happen if they do walk and spread across the area they shouldn’t? That […]

Is Iguana a Descendant of the Dinosaurs?

Is iguana a descendant of the dinosaurs? It’s not surprising at all for me listening to this such question. Perhaps, this thought also one of many reasons people fell in love with iguanas; how they have the same appearance with primordial creatures dinosaurs. From the skin structural, and the jagged-like skin that attach on iguana’s […]

Best Ways to Bath an Iguana, If Properly Done, They may Swim too!

Do you have iguana? No matter where you got that iguana from, purchase it or even adopt an iguana, you have to make sure to give the maximum effort on take care of your beloved one. Iguana is interesting animals, because even though they were part of reptilian group, they were proved that not all […]

Is it True that Iguanas Eat Meat? Learn about this Herbivorous Reptile

Hello, my dear friends, welcome back to AnimalLova; the perfect place to learn all about animals world. However, a lot of people like to do something extraordinary and against common rules in society, included the way they choose a pet companion. Commoner like me is already enough with ordinary pet animals, just like cats and […]

Make Sure Your Iguanas Eat Well, Here are 3 Best Foods for Them!

Do you love iguana? Iguanas are the most popular lizards to be pet. Classified as reptilian, iguana shares the same structure skin with other famous reptiles such as snakes, turtle and other lizard chameleon. Keep and iguana also difficult compare to originated pet animals such as dogs and cats. Iguanas was used to lived in […]

Which Species are Endangered, And how to Help Life Cycle of Amblyrhynchus Cristatus: The Marine Iguana of Galapagos

Which species are endangered, and how to help life cycle of amblyrhynchus cristatus: the marine iguana of Galapagos; this is our topic today. You might didn’t know that there is a famous marine species of iguana originated in Galapagos Islands of Republic of Ecuador. As the name, this species of lizard could only be found […]