8 Important Reasons Why Your Dog is Afraid to Go Outside

The reasons why your dog is afraid to go outside can happen anytime. Even though it is contradictory, which dog is common loves to go outside, but some of them are afraid to go outside and even scared to go outside. For so many years, there are so much research that explains the reasons why […]

Beware of these Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Dogs

All of us know how painful kidney stones can be, and the bad news is a dog can also experience kidney stones. The small deposits of minerals can break off and cause a great pain for your dogs as they try to use the bathroom. All dogs are susceptible of developing kidney stones, however, there […]

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Refuses to Go Out and How to Handle

Keeping a dog as your companion at home is the best thing ever. Dog is well-known for being loyal and cheerful creature. As a dog owner, there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as its food, some symptoms that you need to understand, how to take care of it and so […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Welcome to our humble website with trusted, educational animal website. Here, in our animal website, our purpose is to make an educational article that could help every pet owner, and animal lovers all around the world. If you are truly animal lovers, pet owners who want the best for their pets, or people who want […]

How To Make Your Dog Love Being In The Crate

If you have a dog, any dog, you must train him to love being in the crate because it is beneficial. You might think that putting a dog in a crate is an abuse, but the fact is that a crate is naturally comforting for dogs since that small and enclosed crate is like a […]

Winter time guide! how cold is too cold to let your dog walk outside?

Hello all of the beloved dog owner who wants the best for their dogs, and wants to be the best master for them. So, today we’re going to talk about winter for dogs, and how you should take care of your dog during winter, and guide on how you should take your dog outside for […]

Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night?

Questions that many dog lover sometimes asked, Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night? Or should we just let our dog sleep indoor forever? Well, if you are confused to choose whether to train your dog to sleep outside, or just to let them sleep inside then you have come […]

4 safe tips to keep your dog sleep outside at night

Sometimes, it is the best way if you keep your dog outside, and let it sleep outside at night. Some might consider that keeping a dog sleeping outside at night is harsh, and not wise, however, it can also the good way to make sure your house is neat, and to discipline your dog. If […]

6 Important things you must not do when taking your dog swimming

Swimming is definitely one of the best exercises you can get for you and your dog. Not only that swimming has a lot of benefits for your dog, but swimming is also a natural for any dog. Any dog has a natural instinct for them to swim, so no wonder that some dog might naturally […]

5 Worst Dog Myths You Probably Ever Heard as Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner, then you might ever hear one or few of these dog myths. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding a dog, and their behavior from all around the world. Some of this dog myth might just hearsay, or stereotype that based on no scientific method or research. If you […]