How to Tell If Your Betta Fish is Male or Female

Do you know the way to determine the gender of betta fish? You might think that it will be hard to differentiate the gender of betta fish as all betta fish have the same general appearance. However, it is quite easy. Female and male betta fish have distinctive in their appearance and behavior as well. […]

Here are the Signs Your Fish is Happy in Their New Tank

Keeping fish in a tank or aquarium is an exciting activity, both for the fish and the owner. Seeing your fish enjoy swimming in its tank is a very beautiful scenery. However, your fish might not feel comfortable in its fish tank or even get stressed. If you are curious on how to know whether […]

Get to Know on How to Get Rid of Algae from Aquarium

If you own an aquarium, you might always dream of having a beautiful aquarium. If you want to have some ideas of aquarium designs, look at the ideas about before you build your fish empire, get inspired from these aquarium designs. However, sometimes it becomes only a dream. Your aquarium might turn out into a […]

5 Common Fish Tank Problems and How to Get Rid of Them

Having an aquarium or fish tank in a house is not that simple, don’t you agree fish lovers? Despite the size or the price of the fish tank, it always has problems. As a fish tank and fish owner, you need to be very aware of your fish tank’s condition. If you find problems about […]

5 Essential Things for Your Fish Tank that Fish Pet Owner Must Know

Having a fish as your pet might give you butterflies on your stomach as you will get a new member in your house! You may see some freshwater fish to put in your fish tank as your reference about what fish you want to keep. Keeping fish as a pet is always exciting and fun […]

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Fish Keeps Dying

For the beginner or for experienced freshwater fish tank breeder will have one thing in common: their fishes are facing unexpected deaths. Some people when they come home find out their fish is floating on the water. While it is fascinating that most of the animals that can mourn of its ‘relatives’, fish is not […]

5 Things Not to Put in Your Fish Tank You Should Know Before Decorating Your Fish Tank

If you have read the Best 7 Freshwater Fish to Put in your Fish Tank, you may already want to decorate your fish tank so it matches the vibes of your fish, right? Well, it is quite intriguing for most people to be able to see a full of knickknacks, all the bright colors inside […]

Best 7 Freshwater Fish to Put in your Fish Tank

There are great articles covering what type of plants to keep in your fish tank as well as the worst plants not to keep in your fish tank. If you look online, you will find millions of different types of fish to put in your fish tank or aquarium. However, be really careful not to […]

Follow These Easy Fish Tank Care Tips for Beginners

People were adopting to have dogs or cats as their pets. However, most people recently are considering to have no-interaction pets such as fish. According to the 2020 Survey on United States’ Household Survey, freshwater fish, in this case, fish are taken care of on a tank, ranked in number three, just below dogs and […]

5 Plants Not to Put in Your Fish Tank and Why

Keeping fish as a pet can be very exciting, especially when you prepare everything for your fish tank. You may want to make your fish tank as beautiful as you can by putting some decorations, either the natural or the artificial ones. Putting plants in your fish tank is a good idea because it has […]