How to Effectively Take Care of Goats on Pasture

Rise goat or feed goat using pasture style may not really popular in society or maybe in farm industry. Usually, the farmer who use this method is middle step farm which is not raising not much goat or just focus rising young goat which is mostly medium-size. Some farmer also uses this way to rising some special kind of goat.

Using pasture method may make you easier because you don’t need to looking any grass to feed them. They can look their own food and eat as much as they want. But this method didn’t mean free of any problems. All methods or ways has their own challenge so does this method.

This method has challenge like some goats may lost both departure or arriving to the cage after pasture. As example you start with 25 goats but when comeback the goat may just 23. This is really negative thing that you earn while practicing this method.

But negative thing doesn’t mean can’t repress. There is way to prevent you to not lost the goat by this method.

Here is some way to take care of goats in pasture.

  • Building a space to the goat

Make space here means to limiting area for goats. You can use block or just root for making a limiting. You can also use thorn wire to make it safer. After that, you can divide the space into temporary cage, bathing, and security place. Pasture style do practice in outdoor area, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t need some space to temporary transit for example for rest or just waiting when the rain come. As we know pasture isn’t always clean. After raining, the surface of pasture is moisture and soft and dirt the goat. Don’t forget about water. Beside used to bathing, water container must be available to drunk by goat. Beside divide to temporary cage and equipment needed, you are still need to divide the pasture space in to two. This is used to as prevent act when one area is bald after ate by goat, another area can still used to eat. Beside both of them grass area, make sure that you separate it by using bound so you can limit their movement area. Even though pasture style makes their food already available, it doesn’t mean that you are free for earning their food. You still need to looking grass because the grass in pasture is really limiting. Usually pasture area and food needed by goat isn’t balance, that’s why you need to still looking grass.

If you are done with their needed, now you can focus on their psychologic thing. As we know playing music on goat’s cage proof to increasing their production. Beside help you to blockage the loneliness, you can also use music to make goat calm. Also, this music can use as sign that there is someone who keep the area so steal can prevent well.

  • Using technology

In this modern era, this is so much normally to using technology to make our job easier. All our aspects of live now is using technology even on small thing. Then why we didn’t use the technology and mix it in farming industry? This method already practiced in New Zealand. A farmer named Michael Thomson using drone to keeping his goats when they are in pasture. Not only to monitoring, this drone also used to make goats moving to pasture. This method was using by Michael Thomson because goats that his caring is 1000 goats which is if he is using human energy to take care of them, it will not effective enough. By this method, goat wants to obey the instruction of drone. Even though not all of goats wants to obey and just looking it confusedly. By this method, you may really easy but you must remember that you need to place some budget to treat and repair the drone.

Pasture style doesn’t mean you can let the goat go and do whatever they want. By using some steps and using technology, your work to take care all goats can more effective. Also, you don’t need to feel afraid for losing them. Basically, all written above tries to covering all you need if you using pasture style to your goat both the ways and security system.