7 Most Famous Types of Parrots with Their Fun Facts!

There are more than 350 species of birds included in the order Psittaciformes, including macaws, lorikeets, cockatoos and many other types of parrots. Some types of parrots are even listed as the most expensive birds in the world. Each of them has its own unique qualities. There are various types of parrots in different height […]

Watch these 10 Amazing Birds from India

India is a pleasing place for watching for birds. Apart from the bird parks and sanctuaries, you can also spot some birds around the city and the villages. You can enjoy some types of birds around houses, such as Indian sparrow, Rock Pigeon, Common White Crane and Indian Myna. If you explore the forest areas […]

Meet these Top 8 Birds from Australia

Australia is one of the paradises for bird lovers. The birds living there are mostly unique and special. That’s why Australia is considered as the most important for the evolution of modern birds, with most of the world’s species tracing back their ancestry here. Besides birds, you can also enjoy looking at animals to see […]

Get Ready to be Amazed by these 7 Birds with Beautiful Feathers around the World

Despite their small size, birds are always able to amaze us. It is either by their beautiful chirping or by their beautiful colors. Do you know that there are some amazing birds with beautiful feathers out there? They will astonish you with very pretty color combination that you cannot miss. These 7 birds with beautiful […]

7 List of Flightless Bird in the World

Birds are animals with so many species. The diversity of bird species in the world depend on their habitat, food or predators. Birds are identical animals with feathers and wings. In general, they are able to fly using their wings. Even some of them can fly above to the sky. But the existence of their […]

6 Ways on How to Train Your Lovebirds to Sing

Ever consider getting lovebirds as a pet but worry that you won’t be able to tame it? Well, you’ve come to the right place and today we will give you tips and tricks on how you can train your lovebird. There are different ways to train lovebirds and different goals in which you want them […]

6 Kind of Birds in Antarctica

Despite of the chilly conditions, there is an amazing measure of animal life in Antarctica. It is a landmass of extraordinary conditions yet animals, despite everything, figure out how to flourish there at specific seasons.  There are a few animals that are very much adjusted to endure this extraordinary climate and reproduce therein. An absence […]

Migration of Birds: How and Why?

Birds are one of the animals that always migrate. Some birds can migrate up to hundreds of kilometers. Migratory birds are known to depend on Earth’s magnetic field to help them navigate the globe. Let’s down below to know the migration of birds, how they do it and why is it important to them? Why […]

Wren Hunt: Celebrated when the day after christmas

Happy holiday, and merry Christmas to all of you, our dear readers, viewers and our loyal patron, here in our animal care website, we will definitely wish you a merriest Christmas and the most pleasant holiday. If you have been following our animal care website for long, then you are our loyal costumer and have […]

Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree?

Christmas have come, and now it is the time for the winter holiday revelries. If you are celebrating Christmas today, and hope for the merriest Christmas, then we will gladly give you our regards and wish you the merriest Christmas. We also wish you to have the smoothest holiday, and we wish you to have […]