How to Phase Out Treats When Dog Training

We have talked about the effectiveness of using food during dog’s training. Turns out, food can raise the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has a major role to regulate movement and positive emotional response, and motivate them to seek or move towards the food reward. The use of food can motivate your dogs to […]

Is It Effective to Use Food When Train A Dog?

Have you ever trained your dogs to do some tricks? It is exciting to watch our furry friend play with us. But training our dogs to do tricks such as rolling on the floor, shaking hands (or paws), or even a simple trick like sitting, can be a little bit… well, tricky. Dog is already […]

Ready to Hear The Bark! 6 Dogs Festival Around The World

In this article, we will bring you to have a sneak peek about another festival that celebrates animals. It is a dog festival! Dogs are every man’s best friend. They deserve their own festival, right? So here are some festivals dedicated to them Ready to hear the bark! 6 dogs festival around the world 1. […]

Be careful! Here’s 4 poisonous holiday plants for dogs

Happy holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, If you are our dear loyal readers and have been following our website for a long time, we wish you the merriest Christmas and we wish you to have a very wonderful holiday time for you and your beloved ones. Well, in this holiday occasion, […]

Is It True That Owning Dog Will Help You Living Longer Life?

Are you a dog person? Good to know, then! You probably agree that dog is not only an excellent pet but more than that, dog is also a good friend and part of the family. They bring joy and happiness to our home. Even just simply watching them acting cute and lovely can make us […]

5 tips to make holiday safer for your pets

Holiday time is what many people wait for and always love to enjoy it. It is both enjoyable family time and a time where everything should be perfect and enjoyable for every family member. In order to have a perfect holiday time, there are many things should be considered so your holiday will goes on […]

The Myth of Dog Year You need to know

Dog is a lovely creature, loyal animal, and one of the most loyal friend of human as there are dubbed as man’s best friend. Dog is an amazing animals, when they are puppies they are very cute, they are smart animals that can be trained to do lot of tricks from simple one like sitting […]

3 Recipes You Can Cook For Your Dog: Game Changer

Have you ever cook for your dog? Making your dog food have many benefits, especially if your dog has allergies or gastrointestinal sensitivity since you can control the ingredient in it. Homemade dog food also tends to have more nutrients than processed foods that have additives and preservatives. So, are you interested? Here are some tips […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Dear fellow animal lovers! Dogs are known as human’s best friend, and who dare to argue that? They are loyal and easy to train. If you ever know the story of Hachiko that waited for his owner over nine years following his death, you surely understand what we mean. You know, sometimes human just don’t […]

How To Make Your Dog Love Being In The Crate

If you have a dog, any dog, you must train him to love being in the crate because it is beneficial. You might think that putting a dog in a crate is an abuse, but the fact is that a crate is naturally comforting for dogs since that small and enclosed crate is like a […]