How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Do you like to feed wild birds at local parks or pounds? That must be a fun activity to do, right? Then, how about feeding a duck? Well actually, there is some debate about feeding ducks or other waterfowls. Some people say that we should not feeding the birds because it may stop their migration. […]

Ways To Feed Your Egg Laying Ducks

As many dedicated farmers would think, raising a duck farm of your own is no walk in the park. Farming ducks require all the special love and attention breeders would be able to provide, and each breeder have their own tailored routine on how to raise them. This, of course, depends on each breeders’ individual […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Egg-Laying Ducks

In raising your own livestocks, breeders should consider the option of choosing ducks who are able to lay commercial eggs. This is to optimise all parts of the ducks that can be marketed to the public. Egg laying ducks also have a high value in the market for their meat, for their tenderness and taste […]

6 Things That Must Be Considered To Breed Pet Duck

Breeding ducks that we originally maintained into a promising business is everyone’s right. As long as they are able to care for, feed, and provide whatever is needed by their animals, breeding their pet is legal. It will not be a problem if you take such a decision considering that our pets also have a […]

6 things to consider if you want to raise ducks and chickens in the same coop

Questions many poultry lovers asked, can we raise ducks and chickens in the same coop? How we do it and should we do it or not? Well, it is practically not impossible to raise both chicken and duck in the same coop, as they are quite social animals, so they won’t be any problems raising […]

How to make natural pest control for your garden? do it with these 5 duck breeds

Have you ever heard about duck patrol for our garden pest controls? There are many articles about gardening and gardening stated that duck can be excellent slug pest controls, so we ducks can be a duck patrol, patrolling in our garden for any slug that may harm our plants. It is true that duck can […]

4 differences between farming chickens and ducks

Chickens and ducks are the most popular farm animals that popular around the world. Both chicken and duck are poultry animals. Poultry is birds that breed for farming purpose either it is for their eggs, meats, feathers or down. There are differences between chicken and duck for farming purpose, like how their feeds, how to […]

4 recommended duck breeds to raise for meat

Duck is a very useful animal as they can be breed for their eggs, meat, feather, down, for dog herding training and many more. However, the most common purpose to breed duck is for their meat and eggs. Duck egg is very nutritious, contains a lot of protein and rich in fats. Some people claim […]

How to manage ducks for better eggs production

Duck is a poultry animal which means they can lay an egg for you in a period of time. Most of duck if taken care properly can lay an egg once a day during their mature ages. Daily egg productions could give you a lot of food supply not only just for your family to […]

Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer

Egg is a staple of poultry foods, very versatile, widely variable, delicious, easy to get, and very easy to cook it too. You can boil it, scramble it, poach it in vinegar, fry it, and many more. Egg is one of the most versatile foods that you can easily get, and there are many kinds […]