Explained Reasons Why your Dog is Eating Grass

Dogs are naturally carnivores, mostly are eating meat. Then, if a dog starts eating grass, is it okay? This might be every dog owner’s question. It is surely uncommon to see a dog eating grass and enjoying it so much. Is it safe for my dogs to eat grass? The answer to this questions is […]

The Types of Food Should be Avoided for Hypertension Dogs

Hypertension is disease that can attack your pets, including your dogs. Your dogs can be exposed to hypertension due to several reasons, such as obesity, aging, genetic or some severe diseases like kidney disease. Hypertension in dogs should be monitored well as it might lead to organ damage. Hypertension is one disease that can attack […]

How to Tell if Your Dog is Poisoned: Important Notice for Owners

Seeing your lovely dog get poisoned by someone might be very painful and terrifying. You will never know what is happening outside, it is either someone who hates the presence of your dog or your dog accidentally eats something it is not supposed to eat. Honestly saying, your dog is easily exposed to poison. Also […]

Everything about Pneumonia in Dogs: An Important Notice for Owners

Pneumonia is considered as a serious disease, both for humans and your pets. Pets, such as dogs and cats are likely to suffer from pneumonia. As a responsible owner, you have to know every single thing about this disease as it might affect the way you treat your pets. Pneumonia can also attack cats, be […]