Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in Cats: Main Cause of Cat Disease

There are some diseases cats might have, such as elaborated in common diseases of cat. One of the viral infections happens in cats is FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). This disease occurs worldwide, you your cat might also get this disease. As its names, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the cats’ immune system. As a result, the […]

Dementia in Cats: Everything Owner Must Know!

Health issues in cats are always interesting to be found out. Technology is helping us to find the best solution to some cats’ health issues, such as upper respiratory infection in cats. Another health issue a cat might have is dementia, or known as the decline cognitive ability. Dementia in cats occurs as a result […]

Heat Stroke in Cats: Causes – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Just like dogs, cats are also able to suffer from heat stroke. Heat stroke is a condition that your cats might experience because of the increase of their body temperature and inability to regulate it. Heat stroke in cats cannot be underestimated as it might be fatal to your cats. Cats regulate their body temperature […]

Here are the Things You Should Do When Your Cat Won’t Eat

Have you ever experienced your cat doesn’t want to eat? Your cat seems to be not interested with the food you provide for it. Then you may start feeling worried and sad. Most people think that if a cat doesn’t want to eat, then the cat must have digestive system problem or other problems that […]

Bronchitis in Cats: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you know bronchitis? You might think that only humans can suffer from bronchitis. If you think this way, then your thought is wrong. Some pets, such as cats have the possibility of getting bronchitis. Cats tend to show some signs to their owners that they are sick. Check these signs that your cat is […]

Chlamydia in Cats: Everything You Need to Know about It

Cats are lovely pets to keep at home. It will be very happy and exciting to see your cats get happy and healthy. If you want to have some ideas of how to make your cats happy at home, you can see ways you should do to make your cat happy. Simple ways will surely […]

6 Signs of Pneumonia in Cats You Need to Know

Does your cat cough, wheeze and produce mucus from its nose? What many cat lovers don’t know is that cats are especially prone to respiratory problems. If it’s not recognized or not treated promptly, the result can be a bad case of pneumonia. Yes, cats can get pneumonia. Unfortunately, many of the cat owners aren’t […]

8 Cat Diseases That Can Be Contagious to Their Owners

Cats are one of the pets most often treated by humans. Many types of cats are often used as human pets. But, like humans, cats can also be affected by disease. Diseases suffered by cats also vary. There are diseases that do appear often and aren’t too dangerous for cats. There are also diseases that […]

Beware of these 6 Common Diseases of Cat and Treatment Solutions

Cats are one of the animals most often used as people pets. His face is adorable and agile but spoiled is able to make people melt to maintain it. A healthy cat is usually still able to perform physical activities like cats in general, such as running, jumping, playing, and others cats’ behaviour that can […]

What Makes Sneezing Cannot Be Stop on Cats

As a cat owner, it is important to understand health issues in cats. There are several health problems in cats, such as ear infection, craked, paws, hair loss, matted hair, even more, serious issues like heart disease. Knowing about the possible health issues on cats can be helpful since it is making you prepare better […]