8 Cat Diseases That Can Be Contagious to Their Owners

Cats are one of the pets most often treated by humans. Many types of cats are often used as human pets. But, like humans, cats can also be affected by disease. Diseases suffered by cats also vary. There are diseases that do appear often and aren’t too dangerous for cats. There are also diseases that […]

Beware of these 6 Common Diseases of Cat and Treatment Solutions

Cats are one of the animals most often used as people pets. His face is adorable and agile but spoiled is able to make people melt to maintain it. A healthy cat is usually still able to perform physical activities like cats in general, such as running, jumping, playing, and others cats’ behaviour that can […]

What Makes Sneezing Cannot Be Stop on Cats

As a cat owner, it is important to understand health issues in cats. There are several health problems in cats, such as ear infection, craked, paws, hair loss, matted hair, even more, serious issues like heart disease. Knowing about the possible health issues on cats can be helpful since it is making you prepare better […]

3 Causes of Sudden Death in Cat That Needs to be Avoided

Cats have become one of the kind of tamed animals that could be easily found on common neighborhood whether as stray or domesticated pets. Cats are still one of the most favorited pet animal because of their cute physical appearance combined with their funny behaviors. Sudden death conditions in cats whether it’s feral or domesticated […]

Signs of Cats Recovering from Flu

Cat’s health could be judged based on physical appearances, performances, and agility. Cats which inflicted with Flu, if medically cared for would gradually get better and get back to health. Generally, these are signs of cats recovering from Flu and has reached optimal health. Signs of cats recovering from Flu. 1. Clean eyes Cat’s eyes […]

How To Safely Prevent Eye Problems In Your Cat

Cat eye problem becomes serious thing that usually infected the cat. Both bacteria and virus or fungal can cause this problem. Eyes is their main tools to see the world, hunting, and moving. The power of cat cuteness is also cause of their eye. It is hurt when you see that your cat can’t open […]

4 Important Reasons That You Must Take Your Cat To Vet Regularly

Bring your cat to vet regularly is an effort to keep their healthy. Even thought we can do home remedies for them, if we don’t have enough experience to solve it home remedies can make it worst. So, are we bring our cat only when they are sick? It is absolutely nope. You can bring […]

How to Deal with Cracked Paw Pads in Cats

Cat’s paw pads are important parts of cat which functions as shock absorber, balance, and walking. Cat naturally have tough and hard paw pads, but they are sensitive and regularly exposed to things that can be damaging for cat. There are many issue that can affect cat’s paw pads. Irritation from rough surfaces, thermal or […]

4 Medical Issues That Affect Cat’s Paws

Cat’s paws are vulnerable part from cat which have important function for cat’s walking, balance, and also act as shock absorbents from falling. Cat’s paws are sensitive, they contain many nerve ends which make the paws great sensory organ that can aids the cat to go hunting and sense its environment. Cat’s paws are regularly […]

5 Natural Treatments for Plasma Cell Pododermatitis (Pillow Foot) In Cats

Plasma cell pododermatitis, also known as pillow foot, is a condition of severe inflammation on cat’s paws. The exact cause of it is still unknown and there are not many cases of it. Pillow foot is associated with immune reaction when the plasma cells produce high amounts of antibodies that they start to attack the […]