How to Tell your Chickens have Worms

Chickens love worms, but they may also get exposed to worms. Worms can be serious problems for chickens, so that every chicken owner needs to be aware of the symptoms. The worms in the chicken’s body are processed through the digestive tract. All of us know that chickens spend the time hunting and pecking in […]

Beware of these 5 Common Diseases in Poultry

Chickens are mainly raised for their meat or eggs. No matter what you raise your chickens for, you should keep them healthy and happy. Happy chickens will make happy owners, means more profit for your hatchery. If you’re a beginner in poultry farming, then this guide to start layer poultry farming for beginners will be […]

A Reason Why Some Factory Farms need to Cut the Piggies’ Tail Off

Livestock farm is one of the most successful business on human history. Yes, everybody need to eat and livestock animals provide it to us. This is very profitable business you everyone could try – as long as you like animals, though. You could see the examples of livestock farm such as healthy goat farm and […]

8 Ways on How to Differentiate Male and Female Eel

There are a lot of sea animal that we know, even some snakes live on sea. Besides fish, shrimp, fish, lobster and others, there is also eel. Yeah, you might know this animal who live in water which look like snake. For a glance it might look like a snake for its long and quick […]

10 Medical Benefits of The Taro Plant For Livestock

Taro plant (Colocasia Esculentia Schott) has multiple aliases that varies for every area. For people inhibiting java, the plant is commonly referred to as “Gelo” or “Talesdi Flores”, whilst people inhibitting makassar would call this plant “Paco”. This plant have been utilised by breeders everywhere as a natural alternative to medicine, for their high dose […]

The Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Qurban Cow

Qurban is a common muslim practice done for every 10 Dzul Hijjah. It is done by sacrificing cattle to feed the unfortunate – so it isn’t a sin to be unable to afford on of your own. When done full heartedly, the practice is also a form to show our appreciation to Allah SWT and […]

10 Benefits of Vitamins for Ruminating Mammals

Ruminants, or commonly referred to as ruminating mammals, can feed up to twice a day. This is because ruminating animals such as goats, cows, and sheep, have a similar digestive system to a human that requires nutrient more than once a day. Their digestive systems requires the role of teeth in order to breakdown solid […]

Cows Love Music, How Cute is That?

What is your favorite music genre? What is your your favorite singer? These questions commonly would ask for human. But, do you know that some of the animals do enjoy music? They do have preference of particular genre, style, even favorite singer. For us, music is part of our daily life style. Since the beginning […]

4 Disadvantages of Choosing Sheep as Your Pet at Home

Do you ever have a thought to raise a sheep at home? Famous as a livestock animal didn’t stop fanatic fans of sheep to bring them home and take care of sheep as pet at home. It is true that you can raise sheep as pet – and commonly people would choose a lamb (sheep […]

How to House Train A Baby Lamb

Most paradigm of people thought that sheep can only raise as a livestock animal. To be raise to produce some products, such lamb meat, wool, and milk (usually for the cheese). Following the growth of economic industries now days, a lot of people had tries their fortune to be apart of sheep farming industry (here […]