4 Colorful Mammals around the World that will Amaze You

Animals are amazing by their own distinctive characteristics. Do you know some colorful animals? Yes, there are some colorful animals that will surely amaze you. There are colorful mammals, birds, insects, fish and more. Some of the most colorful animals in the world are very beautiful, even they are considered as the most beautiful creatures. […]

7 Weird-but-Amazing Animals in Mariana Trench

Do you know Mariana Trench? The Mariana Trench is a trench which has crescent shape and is located in the Western Pacific, east of Mariana Islands near Guam. This area is surrounded by an area that is noteworthy for many unique environments. Interestingly, the Mariana Trench also contains the deepest known points on Earth, vents […]

4 Smartest Animals on Earth

Each type of animal is unique in its own ways. Maybe you have known about the fastest animals on Earth as well as the slowest animals on Earth. Well what if today we tell you that even animals can be smart too, The intelligence of an animal can be measured in different ways. But it […]

Let’s Introduce These 7 Animals Native to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is rich in its wildlife. You can find some of the rare faunas in this country and most of them cannot be found in any other parts of the world. Due to its location which is near equator, Malaysia is enriched with tropical wildlife, similar […]

Don’t Miss these 7 Outstanding Native Animals of China

China is a country which has great variety of living things, including animals. The diversity of animals in China includes 346 species of amphibian, 562 species of mammals, 4936 species of fish and 403 species of reptiles. Aren’t they amazing? Besides, China is also popular for being a country that has the third largest number […]

Meet these 4 Amazing Mammals from the Arctic Ocean!

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean among the other world’s five oceans, but it is one of the most important ecosystems that affects the weather patterns. It is also home for rare and endangered species of living things. It covers an area of 14,056,000 km2. The area of the Arctic Ocean that is very […]

Meet Cassowary, The World’s Most Dangerous Bird

You might never think that this bird is dangerous, even becomes the most dangerous bird in the world. You might think that eagle is the most dangerous bird ever, but it turns out that the fact is cassowary is the world’s most dangerous bird. Together with ostriches as well, cassowary is able to kill humans. […]

6 Exotic and Unique Native Animals in Colombia You Need to Know

Colombia is one of the countries on the continent of South America or Latin America. Colombia is a country that has a diverse landscape compared to other countries in Latin America. You can also know about native animals in Philiphine or native animals in Europe. Colombia is a country traversed by large mountains in Latin […]

Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies […]

2 Facts of Same-sex Behavior in Animals: How’s the Beginning

There would always be a mystery hidden in the wildlife. All those wild animals have secrets just like us human, and one of the biggest secret was hidden in animals’ behaviors. If we study deeper and deeper about wildlife natural behaviors among the nature, the more we surprise by how – at some points, these […]