6 Exotic and Unique Native Animals in Colombia You Need to Know

Colombia is one of the countries on the continent of South America or Latin America. Colombia is a country that has a diverse landscape compared to other countries in Latin America. You can also know about native animals in Philiphine or native animals in Europe. Colombia is a country traversed by large mountains in Latin […]

Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies […]

2 Facts of Same-sex Behavior in Animals: How’s the Beginning

There would always be a mystery hidden in the wildlife. All those wild animals have secrets just like us human, and one of the biggest secret was hidden in animals’ behaviors. If we study deeper and deeper about wildlife natural behaviors among the nature, the more we surprise by how – at some points, these […]

Is it Safe to Getting Closer with Black Squirrel?

How wild squirrels live their life in the wild nature? This subject was an interesting thing to discuss. The majority of people know this animal on the screen (TV) through popular movies such as Alvin and the Chipmunks, one of the main characters in Spongebob called Sandy, and others. Did you know, that many  varieties […]

How can Birds Lay their Eggs in Spring?

How can birds lay their eggs in spring? You might curious about this thing, but be patience, my dear friends. But, yes, there’s so much interest thing to discuss about these wings creatures that we called birds. Bird was one of several families of animal kingdom that lived on the earth. Birds have so many […]

Frenemies Phenomena in Animals

Do you realize, my dear friends that many animals’ phenomenon that occurred among this wild animal. From deadly virus (which also occurred in human) that threatened the life of animals species, and some other physical and mental health diseases. Not to mention others stuff that only occurred in particular species such as the dolphins that […]

How does the Research Tell about the Using of Drones to Weigh Whale?

This earth was created into a sacred circle relationship between nature and animal – and other mysterious creatures included us: human. We, human should had content and stable relation to all the list of animals among the wildlife due our survival. No matter what we think, we – human cannot live on this earth without […]

Can Wildlife be Derived from DNA?

This had been a tough time for our nature and animal across the world. Our world had been influenced by the strength of global warming which impacted to all the wild animals and us – human. Due the loss of habitat and other environmental situation (which is in the worst state), there’s a list of […]

How can Rhino Horn will be Created by Horse Hair?

Rhinos are on the list of threatened species among other wild animals species on earth. The extinction occurred due the loss of habitat; as we know nature and animal are inseparable. Therefore, many movements had been done to save animals before they extinct, included in rhinos’ cases. Where you could see rhinos? Well, the easier […]

3 Things about Macaque Skills that Should be Known

Relationship between nature and animals never bored anyone. The wildlife that have been given to us by our beautiful mother earth never stop flaunts its wondrous. Today, we would talk about one of the species of primates called macaque. Did you ever hear about this wild animal? Well, yes, unlike other primate family members such […]