How to Phase Out Treats When Dog Training

We have talked about the effectiveness of using food during dog’s training. Turns out, food can raise the level of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that has a major role to regulate movement and positive emotional response, and motivate them to seek or move towards the food reward. The use of food can motivate your dogs to […]

Is It Effective to Use Food When Train A Dog?

Have you ever trained your dogs to do some tricks? It is exciting to watch our furry friend play with us. But training our dogs to do tricks such as rolling on the floor, shaking hands (or paws), or even a simple trick like sitting, can be a little bit… well, tricky. Dog is already […]

How To Care About Dog Seizure

Welcome to our humble website with trusted, educational animal website. Here, in our animal website, our purpose is to make an educational article that could help every pet owner, and animal lovers all around the world. If you are truly animal lovers, pet owners who want the best for their pets, or people who want […]

3 Tips For Training Sheepdogs: Your Sheep Farming Assistant

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How To Teach Your Dog To Be A Perfect Obedience

Every dog owner dreams to have a perfect obedient dog that will follow all of your instruction and act very well. You might think of how those dogs on the circus are that well trained and what are their trainers’ secret? There are no secret by the way. The owner’s positive mindset and attitude, patience, […]

How To Make Your Dog Love Being In The Crate

If you have a dog, any dog, you must train him to love being in the crate because it is beneficial. You might think that putting a dog in a crate is an abuse, but the fact is that a crate is naturally comforting for dogs since that small and enclosed crate is like a […]

10 Essentials Commands You Must Teach Your Dog

What dogs learn about commands for the very first time is the most essential lesson to be able to live independently although they live close to their human family guard. Those basic commands training can be very helpful for both the dog owner and the dog itself. The method or in this case the command […]

Winter time guide! how cold is too cold to let your dog walk outside?

Hello all of the beloved dog owner who wants the best for their dogs, and wants to be the best master for them. So, today we’re going to talk about winter for dogs, and how you should take care of your dog during winter, and guide on how you should take your dog outside for […]

Is it safe to let my dog sleep outside at winter time?

A question that many dog owner often thought about it themselves. Should we let our dog sleep outside during winter? Or just let it sleep inside during winter? Is it okay for our dogs to sleep outside during the cold of winter? We are here to try to answer that question, so we have compiled […]

5 signs that your dog truly respect you

A dog is a loyal creature, and therefore if you treat them right, they will respect you and gives you a lot of their loves and loyalty. They can be a brave pet to guard your home, cute pet to accompany you, and even you can teach them neat tricks. If you treat them right, […]