4 Possible Causes of Limping in Goats

Goats, just like other farm animals, are possibly exposed to various diseases and injuries just like elaborated in common diseases in goats. One of the most common problems goats can get is limping. Limping, which is also known as lameness, is the inability of an animal to walk normally. It is caused by damaged or […]

8 Common Signs Your Goat is Pregnant You Need to Know

One of the goals of keeping goats in a farm is to breed them and produce more goats to milk. Then, how to know if a goat is pregnant. You have two options: spend more money on some tests, such as blood test, X-rays or ultrasounds or just simply observe the signs. All pregnant goats […]

Wants A Goat As Pet But Not For The Size? Here Are 3 Small Goat Breeds To Consider 

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Fences For Your Sheep And Goats: What, How, Why?

Who likes counting sheep when they cannot sleep? Counting sheep is a popular term that we use over decades as a means of putting oneself to sleep by counting every jumping sheep over a fence until we are sleepy. But, have you ever questioned, why sheep? and why the sheep are jumping over e a […]

5 Symptoms That Will Appear To Tell You Whether Your Goat Is Sick

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Do You Know Goats Wear Blanket? Find Out The Importance

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How To Properly Care For A Newborn Goat

Breeding goats of your own is a common practice in the rural areas. Wether it is done in a domestic scale, or something much larger, goat breeders often profit due to the consistent high demand for their meat – just as long as their goats keep on reproducing. When they do, it is the breeder’s […]

9 Factors That Makes Up a Successful Goat Farm

As the culinary world advances, more people are consuming more bizarre meats. Though there are ethical discourses on consuming exotic meats, goats are not one of them: as they are very popular sources of proteins in asian countries. With that being said, considering their very high demand locally, breeding goats for their meat is a […]

11 Ways to Prevent Your Milk Goat From Catching Diseases

Nowadays, most goat breeders have chosen this career path as a side source of income and adopts a traditional system in maintaining the business. However, people seem to overlook the huge market potential of this “side business”. In fact, if more time is dedicated in this field, breeders could gain more profit from raising a […]

6 Helpful Tips to Breed a Healthy Goat Farm

There are multiple market benefits into breeding your own goat farm. Though raising goats for their milk production still remains a less saturated market than raising them for their meat, it still remains a popular option. Regardless what how you want to market your goats, raising a healthy farm remains a top priority. Here are […]