8 Common Symptoms of Stressed Birds

Birds can feel stressed just like humans and other animals. Stress is not only a mere mental condition, but it may lead to some serious problems, including death. Birds are not able to tell that they are stressed, but there are some symptoms you can observe. Finch is also able to get stressed and you […]

2 Reasons why Robins became a symbol of christmas

Happy holiday and merry Christmas for you, our dear readers and loyal viewers, If you have been our loyal readers and viewers from a long time, then we wish you our merriest Christmas. In this winter holiday occasion, we as an animal care website, we will of course give you our usual animal care guidance, […]

Does Songbirds have their Specific Songs to Sing?

Birds was become one the most beauty creatures on earth. They were so magnificent and wonderful – plus, they have things that often make us – human jealous for them. Can you guess what it is? The wings. If you look closer, there are so many varieties of birds species on this earth; both the […]

Sex Bias in Bird: How is the Conservation?

The sky would nothing but a large blue painting without its creatures flying on it. Did you ever imagine there’s no song from birds’ chirps in the morning? What would it be like? It would be an empty world, if I may say. In this earth, birds become of one the most inspiring and iconic […]

These Rare Pigeons Features Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to our humble website, our dear readers and loyal viewers. We are animal care website that have aim to provide everyone and any pet owners who need guidance and help to take care of their precious animals. Animals that are being cared properly by their human will radiate brightly, will be healthy, smart and […]

Releasing Doves For Ceremonies: Where They Go Afterwards, And Why?

Have you ever attended ceremony where they release some doves into the sky? That moment looks graceful, right? This ceremony is kind of common in our society from all over the world. Doves, usually in white color, are used in many special occasions, as a symbol of love, peace, serenity, or as messengers for decades. […]

Dove Mail Delivery, Called As Pigeon Post: Read This Before You Get Confused

In this digital era, connecting with people is easy. All you need is a few swipes and taps of your finger on a smartphone to connect with people, not only to your neighborhood but also to the whole world! But, have you ever wonder how was life before the telephone, wireless network, or internet connection? […]

Birds And Their Nest Making Process; Steps, Speed, Materials

What is a birds nest? Bird nest is important for bird because it is the spot where a bird lays and incubates its eggs and also raises the young. Bird nest mostly made of twigs or branches and located up in the tree. In most species, the female bird is the builder. The female usually […]

Wounded Bird on the Road? Here’s How to Help

The blue sky would less-attractive, empty if there are no beautiful wing creatures roam it. The wildlife would keep silence if there are no wings creatures whose sing for them while they were rest on those branches. These flying wild animals conquered the sky with their sharp, glittering eyes, and those spectacular flutter of wings. […]

How Can Baby Birds Face Their First Living

Look at how fragile the baby birds are! Just like a baby, they are small, cute, but also very dependent to their parents. Most of the time they rely on them especially to the mother. Baby bird are very young. So how can they survive? How do they find the food and eat? Or most […]