6 Longest Living Animals in the Entire World

Do you have a pet? We feel sad if our beloved pets die, either die with or no illness. Turns out, there are some animals that have a long lifespan. Actually, what is the average age of animals? Like their various types, the age of animals also varies depending on the type. Insects hold the […]

3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals

When we are talking about animals, there are actually many interesting facts and many interesting information all about animals that are actually not many people didn’t know about it. From the biggest animal such as whale, to the smallest ants, to the cutest cats or dogs, animals are such beautiful and such simple creature to […]

Lovely animal christmas tree ornaments in 2019

Happy New Year and we wish you to have a merriest Christmas and smooth holiday this year. For our dearest reader and costumer, we wish you to have the best time of the year and we wish you to spend your holiday with your loved ones and without any hassle and annoyance at all. We […]

Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, there is tradition during Christmas holiday. This tradition is called as Yule, a celebration during winter holiday that revolves all around families, gathering and celebration. One iconic thing about Yule celebration in Sweden is the icon of this celebration and that is Yule goat. Yule goat celebration started hundred years […]

How Is The Celebration of St. Francis Feast Day

Welcome back again to another festive article! Still with the holiday spirit, in this article, we will talk more about the feast of St. Francis of Asisi. From the previous article, we knew that this festival is celebrated worldwide and it is held with animal blessings and prayers. But, what exactly happened during the feast […]

3 fun facts of reindeeer as christmas animal

So, when talking about Christmas animal, one animal stand out as iconic Christmas animal from all around the world, especially in North America. It is iconic animal that related closely with winter festivities and Christmas occasion. This animal even featured as animal that carry out Santa’s carriage that deliver gift for kids all around the […]

4 famous christmas animals around the world

From our deepest heart and our sincerest, we wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year. In this winter holiday occasion, we hope that wherever you are, and whenever you are, you will always be blessed by the merriest Christmas and smooth holiday. If you are an animal lovers, and dedicated pet owner, then […]

6 Amazing Facts of The Feast of St. Francis of Asisi

In the previous article, we have talked about the feast of St. Francis of Asisi that is celebrated worldwide, from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, until Philippine. If you haven’t, you can read the article here so you can get a glimpse of what the event looks like. In general, the feast of St. […]

5 Countries That Celebrate The Feast of St. Francis of Asisi

Welcome back again to another festive article! We talked about some festivals around the world that celebrate animals, from the colorful Holi, the dragon dance in Chinese New Year, and even Cat Day! Almost all of them are correlated with religious beliefs, including the one that we are going to talk about, which is the […]

5 Interesting Holidays in The Worlds That Celebrate Animals

Who doesn’t love a holiday? The festive holiday, birthday, or ceremony is always exciting. But, have you ever heard about holidays that celebrate animals? Yes! There is some special day, dedicated to animals, from domestic ones like cats or dogs to the wild ones like elephants and cows, and to the mythical one like dragon! […]