8 Incredible Animals in the Baltic Sea

Have you ever heard about the Baltic Sea? The area of the Baltic Sea covers about 392,000 kilometers squares of the surface. It is only a tiny part of the Atlantic Ocean’s surface for the right measurement. The Baltic Sea has a unique geographical state that makes it has riches in living animals in the […]

5 Variant Animals Found in Oriental Region

Have you ever heard about the Oriental region? It is one of the largest areas that covered some countries such as India, South China, Burma, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia up to Wallace’s line. The oriental regions have been subdued by four sub-regions to make the easier way for categorize some of the animals […]

5 Variant Animals Found in Neotropical Region

Have you ever heard about the Neotropical region? It is one of the biggest regions on earth that covered some nations such as South America, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Most of them are parted by sub-regions of the Neotropical region. That makes it easier to find some animals found in the Neotropical […]

8 Endangered Animals in the Mediterranean Sea

Have you ever wondered what kind of animals that living in the Mediterranean Sea? If you ever go through the sea whether, by cruise or another way, you will realize that this sea has the largest species living there. Scientists reported that there are more than 17,000 species of animals in the Mediterranean Sea. Most […]

5 Various Animals Found In Palearctic Region

Have you ever heard about the Palearctic region? The Palearctic region is a region that covered some of the countries around Europe, Asia, the northern Himalayas, and the Northern parts of Africa. Those countries of the Palearctic region are well-known for the riches of fauna that live around there. Some of them even become the […]

6 Longest Living Animals in the Entire World

Do you have a pet? We feel sad if our beloved pets die, either die with or no illness. Turns out, there are some animals that have a long lifespan. Actually, what is the average age of animals? Like their various types, the age of animals also varies depending on the type. Insects hold the […]

3 interesting facts about animals associated with traditional animals

When we are talking about animals, there are actually many interesting facts and many interesting information all about animals that are actually not many people didn’t know about it. From the biggest animal such as whale, to the smallest ants, to the cutest cats or dogs, animals are such beautiful and such simple creature to […]

Lovely animal christmas tree ornaments in 2019

Happy New Year and we wish you to have a merriest Christmas and smooth holiday this year. For our dearest reader and costumer, we wish you to have the best time of the year and we wish you to spend your holiday with your loved ones and without any hassle and annoyance at all. We […]

Why is Yule Goat become a scandinavian christmas tradition?

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, there is tradition during Christmas holiday. This tradition is called as Yule, a celebration during winter holiday that revolves all around families, gathering and celebration. One iconic thing about Yule celebration in Sweden is the icon of this celebration and that is Yule goat. Yule goat celebration started hundred years […]

How Is The Celebration of St. Francis Feast Day

Welcome back again to another festive article! Still with the holiday spirit, in this article, we will talk more about the feast of St. Francis of Asisi. From the previous article, we knew that this festival is celebrated worldwide and it is held with animal blessings and prayers. But, what exactly happened during the feast […]