Is it Safe to Getting Closer with Black Squirrel?

How wild squirrels live their life in the wild nature? This subject was an interesting thing to discuss. The majority of people know this animal on the screen (TV) through popular movies such as Alvin and the Chipmunks, one of the main characters in Spongebob called Sandy, and others. Did you know, that many  varieties […]

Do We Get The Allowance to Use The Squirrel Trap

Squirrels, they could be fun companion as pet but they also could be exasperate guests in your property. Spread in several species, these animal apparently bring misery to many people for their naughty behavior. Of course, this behavior is not included for domesticated squirrels, but for the wild ones? The only I could say is […]

3 Kinds of Squirrel Traps which is Safe to Use

As rodent species, squirrels become one of the most anticipate creature to invade your property. Yes, I have to admit squirrel makes everyone confused, one side they would make us melt with their cuteness, but in another side, they could bring so much misery – especially for whom they invaded. Of course, we could never […]

3 Things You need to Know about Pet A Squirrel

Long time ago, perhaps no one would ever imagine that squirrel would be a good companion, not these days ladies and gentlemen; in these present days, people start to fascinated to keep squirrels as pet. There are several species that become the most preferable type to keep such as flying squirrels, ground squirrels, eastern gray […]

3 Unique things about Ground Squirrel Feeding Habit

Every creature have their own unique characteristic that made them look special. The appearances, habit, and behavior of each one is incomparable. Although, they were classified in the same family, doesn’t mean they have similar habitual or behavioral within them. This thing also happened to ground squirrel. There are 3 unique things about ground squirrel […]

Is Squirrel Nest become Important thing for Their Survival

Squirrels are part of rodent species; yes I know, although their appearances are quite different from other rodent species but they did include to rodent species. Originated as undomesticated animals, squirrels associated with a lot of cultural aspect of many regions, such as Native American. Native American believed there are myths about flying squirrel associated […]

3 Myths about The Flying Squirrel that You Must Know

Squirrel is part of rodent species which is famous for the adorable appearance. Thanks to those appearances, many times squirrel is used as animation characteristic such Sandy from Spongebob that adapted from Texas squirrel. Furthermore, this animal not only live in the wildlife, but now days, they also have been kept as domesticated animal. But, […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Squirrels

Squirrels are no foreign animal that one for sure have recognise at some point of their lives. Squirrels mostly feed on nut and insects – and they belong to the Scuiridae family – along with chipmunks and many more. The Squirrel in itself have different subspecies as well – each having different features and different […]

All You Have to Know about Texas Squirrels: Not Only Sandy from Spongebob

Welcome to the world of the iconic animal of animation – the squirrels. Squirrel has inspired many animator designers to created their characters based of this animal. My most favorite squirrel character out of many other movies is the funniest and the culprit named Scrat, from the Ice Age. If, you watch the trilogies of […]

5 Best NutrititionThat Should Be Contained in Squirrel Food

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