How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Do you like to feed wild birds at local parks or pounds? That must be a fun activity to do, right? Then, how about feeding a duck? Well actually, there is some debate about feeding ducks or other waterfowls. Some people say that we should not feeding the birds because it may stop their migration. […]

Ways To Feed Your Egg Laying Ducks

As many dedicated farmers would think, raising a duck farm of your own is no walk in the park. Farming ducks require all the special love and attention breeders would be able to provide, and each breeder have their own tailored routine on how to raise them. This, of course, depends on each breeders’ individual […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Egg-Laying Ducks

In raising your own livestocks, breeders should consider the option of choosing ducks who are able to lay commercial eggs. This is to optimise all parts of the ducks that can be marketed to the public. Egg laying ducks also have a high value in the market for their meat, for their tenderness and taste […]

How to Prevent Ducks from Catching Snot

By nature, ducks can catch up to numerous diseases, and one of the most common one is called the Snot disease. As the name suggests, the snot disease is basically a cold, but much more intense and has more dangerous effects than it does to us humans. Just like us, the disease comes by in […]

Ways to Prevent Your Ducks From Catching Illnesses

After chickens, ducks have become a popular choice for birds by breeders everywhere. By default, and in comparison to their other bird livestock companions, ducks have a strong immune system that does not allow them to get easily infected by harmful diseases and illnesses. However, a healthy duck does not guarantee a bulletproof immune system […]

How To Cure The Blue Eye Disease From Ducks

Ducks are a common type of bird of a farmer’s choice in breeding. Aside from being valued highly in the poultry market, ducks are also relatively a low cost initial investment. They can be bred for both their meats and their eggs – much similar to the chicken counterparts. However, with great value comes great […]

4 Differences of Mallard and Rouen Duck In Caring Scope

Many people almost mistakenly think that Mallard and Rouen are the same type of duck. Well, that is indeed not entirely wrong because they are still in one poultry family. The thing you need to remember is Rouen is a type of duck and chicken while Mallard is a type of duck. What makes people […]

Where do Ducks Build Their Nest? Here’s What You Need to Know

Although not birds, birds including ducks need to make nest. These nests, besides being used as temporary shelters, are also used to store their eggs. The eggs especially that have just been removed from their body’s need to be kept warm in order to be healthy until the hatch arrives. Long hatching times and threats […]

5 Forbidden Things That Should Not Be Done In Duck Laying Period

Duck momma needs special treatment during pregnancy until it will lay eggs. This special treatment is not only physical behavior but also psychological treatment. Treating them physically might be easy because it’s all the needs of living things such as eating or drinking. What’s more difficult is maintaining their psychic. Duck momma cannot communicate their […]

Common Mistakes in Preparing Duck Laying Process

Laying egg is the time that really waited by laying duck farm. Laying egg is final time for them and it is a highest step during treatment process. After twenty-three days, those pregnant duck will laying egg perfectly. To increase your knowledge about laying duck, hit the best duck seed to rise as duck egg. […]