4 Foods We Must Avoid to Give Guinea Pig

Become one of the most preferable rodent species to be pet, there’s a lot of things you should understand about this particular animal. From how to set up guinea pig’s cage, provide the amusement toys and accessories, how to maintain the cleanliness inside the environmental, and of course one of the most fundamental necessities of […]

4 Best Fruits for Guinea Pig: A Guide of Feeding

Having such adorable animals perhaps would be number one wish list for most of the people. The all-star list of adorable animals such dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters would be kicking as the first thought. But, there’s one other animal that you would never regret to keep as a pet, this species known as one […]

3 Best Veggies to Maintain Guinea Pig Nutrition

My friends, do you like guinea pig? These days, guinea pig was one of the most popular animal of rodent species. There are several of rodent species which already became favorite pet of many people such as hamsters, mice, gerbil, and even rat (well, for some people). Not only because their adorable appearances which is […]

Carbs for Guinea Pig: Can They Eat Oats?

Guinea pigs are become one of the most preferable pet from the rodent species beside hamsters. It easy to understand why people pay so much attention to these animals; first thing first, they have fluffy and cute appearance, and second their bodies is small which make them easy to house and taking care. A lot […]

2 Treats You can Make at Home for Your Guinea Pig

A lot of people put their interest on rodent species to keep as pet. Why not though, these animals are adorable and surprisingly would be a good pet to watch and keep! Let’s take examples such as chinchillas, hamsters, and guinea pigs, they’re all cute little animals that worth to keep inside your house. Not […]

5 Facts of Kangaroo Babies Feeding Habit

Who doesn’t know Kangaroos? We all know that this animal is found only in AuWho doesn’t know Kangaroos? We all know that this animal is found only in Australia, which is also used as the national trademark and popular reason to travel for animal vacation. We like to pictured Kangaroos as a tough boxer (fun […]

Do Mammal Babies Have Feeding Habit?

Let’s talk about Mammals! Mammal is a warm-blooded animal who gives birth to the young. It also knowns as the last group of animals to appear on earth. Until now, they diversified into a lot of groups with different shape and size. Most of them covered in fur or hair to protect their skin and […]

5 Benefits of Feeding Your Rabbit With Moringa Leaves

Dear fellow animal lover! Who doesn’t want a healthy and happy animal friend? To maintain their well-beingness, the right and nutritious food is a must. Some even said that what you are feeding to your animal is what matter the most for their health. That is also the case for our favorite fluffy ball, rabbit. […]

How to Trim Your Pet Rabbit’s Teeth

Have you heard that  rabbit’s teeth are growing long his life? Sound weird to you and to me as well at the beginning. However that is the fact. While the health problems come along with every one life, this is one common problem that disturbing his life that produce suffer both for you as rabbit’s […]

How To Feed A Newborn Baby Hamster

Hamster babies are born with no hair, they really need nutrients from their mother’s milk, but how do you feed a new baby hamster when a hamster’s mother gets sick even dead? Here below are some tips on how to feed a newborn baby hamster in easy ways. Let’s check these out. 1. They will […]