Getting Closest with Hawaiian Duck: A Charismatic Duck from Koloa Hawaii

Ducks are famous poultry animals that raise mostly as livestock; but, however, there’s so many people who raise them as pet too. Ducks has so many breeds varieties, include: egg-laying ducks, wood ducks, Mallard and Rouen ducks, Muscovy ducks, and the duck that become our main topic today: Hawaiian duck. The nursery of the duck […]

How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Do you like to feed wild birds at local parks or pounds? That must be a fun activity to do, right? Then, how about feeding a duck? Well actually, there is some debate about feeding ducks or other waterfowls. Some people say that we should not feeding the birds because it may stop their migration. […]

Ways To Feed Your Egg Laying Ducks

As many dedicated farmers would think, raising a duck farm of your own is no walk in the park. Farming ducks require all the special love and attention breeders would be able to provide, and each breeder have their own tailored routine on how to raise them. This, of course, depends on each breeders’ individual […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Egg-Laying Ducks

In raising your own livestocks, breeders should consider the option of choosing ducks who are able to lay commercial eggs. This is to optimise all parts of the ducks that can be marketed to the public. Egg laying ducks also have a high value in the market for their meat, for their tenderness and taste […]

How to Prevent Ducks from Catching Snot

By nature, ducks can catch up to numerous diseases, and one of the most common one is called the Snot disease. As the name suggests, the snot disease is basically a cold, but much more intense and has more dangerous effects than it does to us humans. Just like us, the disease comes by in […]

How To Cure The Blue Eye Disease From Ducks

Ducks are a common type of bird of a farmer’s choice in breeding. Aside from being valued highly in the poultry market, ducks are also relatively a low cost initial investment. They can be bred for both their meats and their eggs – much similar to the chicken counterparts. However, with great value comes great […]

How To Prevent Ducks From Shedding

More common than one would think, breeders often struggle with treating feather loss in ducks. Feather loss is a common condition and is often referred to as Molting. However, the common misconception is that most breeders are reckless to assign all forms of feather loss as Molting, when it is not necessarily the case. Regardless […]

These 3 Things You Feed to Ducks are Big NO NO

Anytime I heard the words duck, my mind would always portrait the Disney huge iconic figure Donal Duck. Maybe it’s just me, but maybe is not. Yes, duck was classified as poultry species which mostly breed as a stock animal. Ducks are raise for meats and egg production – both of it was amazing. But, […]

3 Interesting Facts About Female Duck Maturity

Talk about maturity that will be experienced by all living things, both male and female will experience changes that indicate that they have gone through the adult phase. Today’s phase is a normal thing that indicates they are ready to form new individual. Just as human experience changes both physically and psychologically, duck also experiences […]

The Importance of Duck Nesting For Raising Duck Process

Talking about nesting, it can be assumed that all bird clans must make nest. Or if you want to expand, all spawn animals will make nest to protect their eggs. Their eggs need to be protected because the instinct of survive and continue their offspring. Keeping their eggs is not an easy thing. Some mother […]