Ways to Prevent Your Ducks From Catching Illnesses

After chickens, ducks have become a popular choice for birds by breeders everywhere. By default, and in comparison to their other bird livestock companions, ducks have a strong immune system that does not allow them to get easily infected by harmful diseases and illnesses. However, a healthy duck does not guarantee a bulletproof immune system […]

How To Cure The Blue Eye Disease From Ducks

Ducks are a common type of bird of a farmer’s choice in breeding. Aside from being valued highly in the poultry market, ducks are also relatively a low cost initial investment. They can be bred for both their meats and their eggs – much similar to the chicken counterparts. However, with great value comes great […]

6 Things That Must Be Considered To Breed Pet Duck

Breeding ducks that we originally maintained into a promising business is everyone’s right. As long as they are able to care for, feed, and provide whatever is needed by their animals, breeding their pet is legal. It will not be a problem if you take such a decision considering that our pets also have a […]

4 differences between farming chickens and ducks

Chickens and ducks are the most popular farm animals that popular around the world. Both chicken and duck are poultry animals. Poultry is birds that breed for farming purpose either it is for their eggs, meats, feathers or down. There are differences between chicken and duck for farming purpose, like how their feeds, how to […]

How to feed baby duck without its mother

Sometimes, when you stroll through park you might find an abandoned duckling on the park pond. After hatching most wild ducklings will follow their duck’s mother to feeding ground on the pond, however not every duckling manage to follow their duck mother as some of the ducklings might get lost and left behind. That is […]

2 ways to care for rescued baby ducks

Duckling can be very cute, they can be cute pets to have and when they grow up into adult they can give you daily eggs if you take care of it right. Duck become quite popular pets, however, if you want to have backyard duck flocks, then you will need to know how to take […]

4 Ways To Keep Ducks Stay Cool In Hot Summertime

No one of all life creature that can deal with hot, so does the duck. Even though in their wild life duck is living free and don’t need any house to keep them safe, basically they can’t deal with hot. Moreover, if you put them to rising it in the poultry industry. As we know, […]

How To Take Care For Ducks In Cold Winter Time

We can’t make sure is it a suggestion or truly the fact, but when rainy season is coming egg production of laying duck is getting low. Wet feather both rainy or snowy are same as affect the duck both the production quality and disease transmitted. Disease attacked and transmitted is highly increase in this season […]

How To Naturally Treat Wet Feather In Ducks

Talk about feather, that’s the nearest thing that stick to duck. One layer that coated the duck in the most out of their body. This layer also protects the duck from somethings out there such like cold, water, and dirt. Where is wet feather come from? Well, that question may appear on your mind when […]

6 Vaccination Types For Laying Ducks

Vaccine is all effort that using any medicine to increase immune system of life creature. There is so many ways to application vaccine such like injection, drink drop, food, spray, and also eye drop. All methods are suitable with the need of duck itself and their age. Vaccine is actually like watery liquid contained minerals, […]