Strong Reasons Why You shouldn’t Give Human Food to your Pets

You and your pets have different digestive system. That’s why it is not suggested to give human food to your pets. Human food is typically too rich and fatty for your pet to properly digest. Eating human food may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and some severe conditions, like pancreatitis. There are some human food that […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Pet

Seeing other people playing with their pets is always fun and loving, isn’t it? Having a pet at home is a happiness that cannot be described by words. Who doesn’t feel excited to see your dog is welcoming you when you go home? It’s priceless! However, for some people, having a pet at home might […]

Know these 6 Tips for Sugar Glider Pet Owners Before You Adopt One

When it comes to taming and treating a wild exotic animal as pets, you might want to do a bit of research. Lucky you, Animal Lova is here to help and teach you to take better care of your sugar glider. To begin with, you need to get a sugar glider of course. One of […]

Is Boarding Facility will Reduce Stress Level on Cat?

It is a good idea to rest and refresh our mind from our routine works; vacation is the best way to relax our body from the tense. Yes, it is a very good idea, but at the same time it’s something that make us think twice if we had a pet. I’m not saying that […]

3 Cats’ Behaviors without their Owners at Home

Leaving pet for a long period of time is stressful decision. All sort of thought would flow and covered our minds – especially all the negative thoughts: will dog feel abandoned, what will dogs do when they miss their owners, and others. Well, yes we take a dog as example; but, actually there are some […]

Is it Safe to Leave your Cat in Cat Care for a Long Time?

Leaving pet alone for any reason is a hard decision for all animals’ owners. Animals such dog has sensitive emotion associated with separation which also known as separation anxiety. The anxiety come for the fact that animals can’t cope well with the separation between them and their owners. Actually, if we want to admit it, […]

How You Prepare Cat Emotionally before You Travel Without her?

Entering a long holiday was everyone dream. Yes, after all those hard works that we have been through every single day, it was a pleasant thing to know we would enter one of the biggest celebration of the year, the Christmas. I believed many of you people already planned a wonderful vacation with your family. […]

How Long can You Leave a Cat Alone during Vacation?

Have you have seen all those famous ornaments in Christmas already displayed around you? Christmas had been one of the biggest holiday of the year. A lot of people would never miss the opportunity to spend a good quality time with their beloved family, and one of the most popular option is go on vacation. […]

What will Dogs do when They Miss the Owners so Much

Christmas is coming, the biggest holiday of the year would be celebrate by people all over the world. You will see the Christmas tree and other famous ornaments was displayed in stores and churches. As your note, actually there are other famous Christmas animals around the world that always associated with this particular season such […]

Will Dog Feel Abandoned if You Leave Him on Holiday too Long?

A Christmas tree had been displayed in the stores, ornaments such as reindeer, robins, doves, candies with red and white cover plastic sell in every place; then, yes, you are in the most anticipated season of the year, the Christmas! The whole world was celebrated it, and of course you must know that there are […]