The Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Cats

Kidney failure can attack any animals, including cats. Kidney failure in cats is also known as renal failure. It is caused by some conditions that affect the kidneys and related organs. Healthy kidneys are in charge of eliminating waste from the blood, maintaining normal electrolyte balance, regulating hydration and calcium, managing blood pressure and stimulating […]

Watch Out for these 16 Symptoms of Worms in Cats!

Cats are at risk of some intestinal parasites, and one of which is caused by worms. These greedy interlopers are able to steal your cat’s nutrition and even make humans sick. Discovering that your cat experiences worms can be an unpleasant experience. It is not only because worms are frightful, but their presence can cause […]

6 Ways to Prevent Your Cats from Getting Diseases

Cats are great pets at home as they are believed to be able to provide emotional support, improve moods and contribute to the morale of the owners. Cats are great companions for humans too. Despite all the good things about cats, cat owners should also be aware that cats can get exposed to some diseases […]

Common Symptoms of Salmonellosis in Cats Must be Known for Cat Owners

Salmonella is a type of bacterium that causes salmonellosis. Salmonellosis can happen to humans, dogs and also cats. Salmonellosis is simply defined as a type of food poisoning. Cats, for instance, are possible to get infection from raw or cooked meat, dairy products and contaminated water. They can also get it from the infected animal […]

6 Most Common Reasons of Hair Loss in Cats

Have you ever given your cat a loving stroke and realized that her fur is not as thick as usual? Or have you ever noticed that there are some bald patches on your cat’s body? Then, your cat might experience hair loss. Some cases of hair loss in cats are considered normal, such as when […]

7 Causes of Stuffy Nose in Cats

It is quite common for cats to suffer from stuffy nose. Stuffy nose is also known as rhinitis. Rhinitis is a condition when your cats get the lining of their nose, called mucous membranes, inflamed. This condition will surely make your cat feel uncomfortable as she may get it hard to breathe, smell food, and […]

Ways to Make your Cats Comfortable in Their New Home

Moving a cat to a new home is not an easy thing for most of cat parents. Cats are known as territorial creatures so that transferring them into a new home they’re not used to can cause some stress, even for kittens. As a cat parent, you have to make sure that your cat is […]

8 Tips on How to Make your Cat’s Mood Happy

Seeing our pet’s mood happy is a dream of every pet parent. There are so many conditions that can bring happiness to our pets, including our cats. If you have a cat at home and is sad or inactive all day, then you should start wondering about what happens to your cat. The causes of […]

Causes of Seizures in Cat Every Cat Parent Must Know

It is always nice and happy to see our cats feel happy and healthy. However, there are some diseases that might attack your cats and make them feeling sick. You can name the common diseases in cats, such as bronchitis in cats, arthritis and so on. Don’t you feel happy seeing your cat feels sick? […]

5 Easy Steps on How to Treat Limping in Cats

Cats have more legs than humans do. Despite that fact, they still limp when they have their legs hurt. Limping cats can be caused by several conditions, as stated in causes of limping in cats. Limping in cats occurs because of some reasons, such as the injury or debilitation of one or more parts of […]