10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the World – Suitable to Be a Pet at Home!

Cats are one of the most favored pets of all people in the world. Cats have indeed lived side by side with human since 9500 years ago. Cats often enter historical inscriptions as purified animals. In addition, cats in the world apparently consist of various types and breeds, likes deers that have 4 most famous […]

After Birth Treatment for Your Cat – Important Notice for Owners

Who doesn’t feel excited of welcoming a new member to the family? When your cat has delivered its babies, it is the joyful time as you get some new members at home. You might have taken care your pregnant cats by looking at the signs of pregnant cat since the beginning carefully and tenderly, and […]

You Need to Pay Attention of These Symptoms of Cat’s Anxiety and What Should be Done

All living things, including humans and animals can experience anxiety. Anxiety is defined as the anticipation of dangers that usually stimulates some body reactions. Animals, such as cats, can also experience anxiety. There are some factors stimulating anxiety for cats, such as separation and some changes in the environment they live in. Cats, unlike humans, […]

9 Signs Your Cat Has Trauma That You Should Pay Attention To

Cats are the animals most raised by humans. This is inseparable from the gentle and docile nature of cats. However, like humans, cats also apparently can experience trauma and depression. You have to know about signs of depressed cats. The trauma experienced by cats can result in impaired physical and psychological health of the cat. […]

Can Cat Fleas Bite Humans? – A Brief Explanation

Cat fleas might have been serious issues for some cat owners. Despite its small size, cat flea is not something you can take easily. Cat flea is one of the blood sucking animals that give you horror. Not only horror for your cats, but it can be harmful for you, too as it might suck […]

7 Reasons Why Cat Refuses to Eat Dry Food – Should be Known by the Cat Owners

There are various kinds of food for cats. Broadly speaking there are two types of cat food, namely dry food and wet food. For some people, they don’t know the difference between dry food and wet food. But, you can also make a homemade cat food for your cat. However, did you know that some […]

8 Cat Diseases That Can Be Contagious to Their Owners

Cats are one of the pets most often treated by humans. Many types of cats are often used as human pets. But, like humans, cats can also be affected by disease. Diseases suffered by cats also vary. There are diseases that do appear often and aren’t too dangerous for cats. There are also diseases that […]

Beware of these 6 Common Diseases of Cat and Treatment Solutions

Cats are one of the animals most often used as people pets. His face is adorable and agile but spoiled is able to make people melt to maintain it. A healthy cat is usually still able to perform physical activities like cats in general, such as running, jumping, playing, and others cats’ behaviour that can […]

4 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Cat

Playing with pets, such as dogs and cats, is always interesting and exciting. Dogs and cats are animals that naturally like to play. If you decide to have a cat or a dog as a pet, then you should spare your time for them to play. Just like us, cats also need to communicate and […]

5 Solutions on How to Gain Trust from Your Newly Adopted Cat

Adopting a pet has become a trend nowadays and many people like it. Instead of buying a pet, it is believed to adopt abandoned pets. It has become a campaign, if you are familiar with it, “adopt don’t buy”. Cats and dogs are the most commonly adopted pets. If you are adopting a dog, then […]