Here are the Things You Should Do When Your Cat Won’t Eat

Have you ever experienced your cat doesn’t want to eat? Your cat seems to be not interested with the food you provide for it. Then you may start feeling worried and sad. Most people think that if a cat doesn’t want to eat, then the cat must have digestive system problem or other problems that […]

Your Cat is Suddenly Quiet? 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Suddenly Quiet

It is nice to hear your cat meowing, isn’t it? It is really cute and loving. Cats meow for several reasons, for example asking for attention, feeling hungry or even indicating some serious problems. Surprisingly, adult cats seldom meow but kittens meow more often. They consider meowing as a kittenish behavior. Cats or kittens are […]

Be Mindful of These 4 Signs of Cats Want to Labor

Welcoming a new member in the family is always exciting, isn’t it? It is also surely exciting for you, the cats’ owners to welcome the kittens from a mommy cat. However, cats’ labor needs some attention, including the signs of cats want to labor and everything you need to prepare for this process. As an […]

Here are the Reasons Why Do Cats Love Catnip so Much

Cat is a playful pet that really enjoys playing either with toys and with its owner. Cat really know how to have fun! If you are wondering how to know that a cat wants to play with you, you can check signs of cats that wants to play If you see those signs, then you […]

Bronchitis in Cats: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you know bronchitis? You might think that only humans can suffer from bronchitis. If you think this way, then your thought is wrong. Some pets, such as cats have the possibility of getting bronchitis. Cats tend to show some signs to their owners that they are sick. Check these signs that your cat is […]

Chlamydia in Cats: Everything You Need to Know about It

Cats are lovely pets to keep at home. It will be very happy and exciting to see your cats get happy and healthy. If you want to have some ideas of how to make your cats happy at home, you can see ways you should do to make your cat happy. Simple ways will surely […]

6 Reasons of Your Cat’s Sudden Weight Loss -Important Notice for Owners

Losing weight for some people might be pleasing, but how about for your cats? Losing weight might lead to better health condition if your cat is overweight before. However, if your cat is in its normal weight and suddenly losing weight without any reasons, then you might start being worried. Having a healthy cat is […]

Let’s Have Better Understanding about the Causes and Treatment of Dehydration in Cats

Lack of water is fatal to all living things, don’t you agree? Almost all people and sources are telling us to have at least 2 liters of water each day. How about cats? They do too. They need certain amount of water every day so that their body can function properly. Dehydration, or the condition […]

Pay Attention to These 6 Signs of Dehydration in Cats

Dehydration is not a joke to any living things as it might lead to serious medical problems if it is not treated well. Just like us humans, animals, like cats can also experience dehydration. Dehydration is simply defined as a condition where a cat doesn’t get enough water or moisture. Water is very essential for […]

7 Simple and Easy Ways to Calm your Cats during Fireworks

Fireworks on New Year’s eve is a very delightful moment for you, but not for your pets. The loud sound and the vibration of the fireworks might trigger your pets, especially cats. Loud noise is interpreted as danger by your cat and it might lead to stress and trauma. There are some signs of stress […]