Constipation in Cats: Symptoms and How to Treat it

Normally, a cat should produce a stool about once a day. However, if she doesn’t do so for more than 48 to 72 hours, then she may get constipated. Constipation in cats is common if it is still mild. It can be treated with simple home treatment too. However, sometimes, constipation in cats can also […]

Follow these 5 Tips to Calm Your Aggressive Cat

An aggressive cat may be hard to deal with, but it is important to remember that when a cat is aggressive, there may be some reasons behind it. When your cat is aggressive, she may be afraid or poorly socialized as a kitten. When a cat is aggressive, she may attack you, other people or […]

Possible Reasons of Excessive Drooling in Cats

Have you ever realized that your cat is drooling? Drooling is not considered as an ordinary thing for cats. As a cat owner, you may start wondering what causes your cat to drool and what drooling in cats means. The fact is there are several possible reasons behind excessive drooling in cats. Spend time reading […]

Causes of Bloating in Cats You Need to Know

If you have a cat, then you will agree that cats are masters at hiding illness until the condition might become really severe. When your cat begins to show some symptoms, such as weakness, pain and vomit, then your cat should be taken to the vet immediately. You can take a look at these common […]

How to Stop your Cat from Scratching your Furniture?

Have you ever got annoyed seeing your brand-new furniture is scratched by your cat? If you have, then continue reading this. Cats naturally love scratching and as a parent, you need to understand the reasons why they do that. First, cats scratch to stretch. They need to exercise and stretch for their muscles and tendons […]

Beware of these 5 Signs your Cat is Going to Give Birth

When a cat is pregnant, everybody is happy. Make sure you know all of these common signs that your cat is pregnant. It is because we are going to welcome the new members of the family! The signs are no different with the signs before a rabbit give birth. If you have a pregnant cat, […]

The Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Cats

Kidney failure can attack any animals, including cats. Kidney failure in cats is also known as renal failure. It is caused by some conditions that affect the kidneys and related organs. Healthy kidneys are in charge of eliminating waste from the blood, maintaining normal electrolyte balance, regulating hydration and calcium, managing blood pressure and stimulating […]

Watch Out for these 16 Symptoms of Worms in Cats!

Cats are at risk of some intestinal parasites, and one of which is caused by worms. These greedy interlopers are able to steal your cat’s nutrition and even make humans sick. Discovering that your cat experiences worms can be an unpleasant experience. It is not only because worms are frightful, but their presence can cause […]

6 Ways to Prevent Your Cats from Getting Diseases

Cats are great pets at home as they are believed to be able to provide emotional support, improve moods and contribute to the morale of the owners. Cats are great companions for humans too. Despite all the good things about cats, cat owners should also be aware that cats can get exposed to some diseases […]

Common Symptoms of Salmonellosis in Cats Must be Known for Cat Owners

Salmonella is a type of bacterium that causes salmonellosis. Salmonellosis can happen to humans, dogs and also cats. Salmonellosis is simply defined as a type of food poisoning. Cats, for instance, are possible to get infection from raw or cooked meat, dairy products and contaminated water. They can also get it from the infected animal […]