6 Reasons of Your Cat’s Sudden Weight Loss -Important Notice for Owners

Losing weight for some people might be pleasing, but how about for your cats? Losing weight might lead to better health condition if your cat is overweight before. However, if your cat is in its normal weight and suddenly losing weight without any reasons, then you might start being worried. Having a healthy cat is […]

Let’s Have Better Understanding about the Causes and Treatment of Dehydration in Cats

Lack of water is fatal to all living things, don’t you agree? Almost all people and sources are telling us to have at least 2 liters of water each day. How about cats? They do too. They need certain amount of water every day so that their body can function properly. Dehydration, or the condition […]

Pay Attention to These 6 Signs of Dehydration in Cats

Dehydration is not a joke to any living things as it might lead to serious medical problems if it is not treated well. Just like us humans, animals, like cats can also experience dehydration. Dehydration is simply defined as a condition where a cat doesn’t get enough water or moisture. Water is very essential for […]

Is Your Cat Drooling? Here are the 7 Reasons Why Your Cat is Drooling

Drooling is common in our pets, such as dogs. But things are very different for cats, as the fact that a drooling cat can signal several possible and health problems that can even involve a vet if needed. Cats with anxiety, stressed, afraid, or feel depressed will usually drool, but this is only temporary, as […]

6 Signs of Pneumonia in Cats You Need to Know

Does your cat cough, wheeze and produce mucus from its nose? What many cat lovers don’t know is that cats are especially prone to respiratory problems. If it’s not recognized or not treated promptly, the result can be a bad case of pneumonia. Yes, cats can get pneumonia. Unfortunately, many of the cat owners aren’t […]

5 Easy Ways on How to Treat Cat’s Eye Infection

Cats are known for having beautiful eye color, as stated in reasons why cats have beautiful eye colors. However, it might make you worried if you see your cat constantly winks its eyes at you and you see them keep rubbing its eyes. There might be something wrong with its eyes. Some eye problems can […]

6 Possible Signs Your Cat Has Food Allergies You Need to Aware

Food allergies can attack any animals, including your pets. Cats and dogs are also prone to have food allergy. Allergies appear when your body cannot deal with something entering it. Food allergy is a condition when your body reacts to the food you eat. Food allergies are caused by a particular ingredient in food, which […]

Does Your Cat’s Breath Stink? Find Out the Causes and the Remedies of Bad Breath of Cat

Maintaining your pet’s health is a priority, including paying attention to any abnormal condition, such as stinky breath. Some animals show that there is something wrong with their health through their bad smell breath. One of them is cat. If you smell stinky breath from your cat’s mouth, then be mindful and aware of several […]

Your Cat Gets Too Plump? Ways To Deal With Cat’s Obesity

Have you ever notice how your cats becoming rounder? Well, not every cat, but it sure that most domestic cats are overweight and obese these days. It is known that both overweight and obese cats are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians. Yes, just like human, cats are able to experience obesity. This […]

8 Common Disorders of The Outer Ear in Cats

Cat is among the most adopted animals as a pet. Its considerably cute and intelligent personality makes people love to make them their companies. However, they are also prone to disease. They can catch any health problems even for the slightest cause. Some problems occur in their ear. Cat’s ear is vulnerable to bacteria and […]