Incredible Ways on How to Calm a Scared Cat

Cats are sensitive animals, as everything can scare them, starting from the loud bangs, storms, and even visitors of your house. Cats can be afraid or scared of a lot of different things and many cat parents find it challenging to find the cause and what to do. Fear in cats cannot be underestimated and […]

7 Simple and Easy Ways to Calm your Cats during Fireworks

Fireworks on New Year’s eve is a very delightful moment for you, but not for your pets. The loud sound and the vibration of the fireworks might trigger your pets, especially cats. Loud noise is interpreted as danger by your cat and it might lead to stress and trauma. There are some signs of stress […]

4 Tips to Make A Fearful Cat Become More Friendly

It would be delightful to see your cat wandering home joyously without having to worry about anything. However, it could turn out to be you who begin to worry once you notice the furry pet runs away from your guests. Even though it is not limited to just your guests, cats can become fearful to […]