6 Ways to Prevent Your Cats from Getting Diseases

Cats are great pets at home as they are believed to be able to provide emotional support, improve moods and contribute to the morale of the owners. Cats are great companions for humans too. Despite all the good things about cats, cat owners should also be aware that cats can get exposed to some diseases […]

Tricks on How to Get your Cat Closer to your Dog

Cats and dogs, can they be friends? One thing for sure about cats and dogs are they are lovely pets! Cats are aloof and easily startled while dogs are territorial animals. If you’re looking at the two distinctive characteristics of these two lovely pets, you might think that they will never be able to share […]

Ways to Make your Cats Comfortable in Their New Home

Moving a cat to a new home is not an easy thing for most of cat parents. Cats are known as territorial creatures so that transferring them into a new home they’re not used to can cause some stress, even for kittens. As a cat parent, you have to make sure that your cat is […]

Find the Reasons Why Cat Likes Catnip

Is your cat crazy with its catnip? Cats are really fond with catnip, even some of their toys are filled with catnips. You might start wondering what makes catnip so special for cats and why they are really crazy about it. Catnip is definitely favorable for most cats. Catnip s a plant coming from mint […]

The Amazing Benefits of Walking your Cats Outside and How to Do it Safely

Walking your cat might be one of the most fun leisure time you can do, don’t you agree? It is not only good for your health, and also for your cat’s health. There are many benefits of walking your cat. It provides your cat with some fresh air and fun time walking outside. There are […]

7 Simple and Easy Ways to Calm your Cats during Fireworks

Fireworks on New Year’s eve is a very delightful moment for you, but not for your pets. The loud sound and the vibration of the fireworks might trigger your pets, especially cats. Loud noise is interpreted as danger by your cat and it might lead to stress and trauma. There are some signs of stress […]

Make Sure your Cat has These 3 Essential Vaccines for Cat

Taking care of a pet, especially cat, needs much attention. Regarding to its health, you must get your cat vaccinated in order to prevent it from particular dangerous diseases, such as rabies, feline parvovirus, or feline herpesvirus. You need to keep in mind that those diseases are really fatal and dangerous to your furry creatures. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Fur Color Change in Cats

Have you ever felt that your cat is changing the color of its fur? You might feel shocked. However, there are some reasons behind the changing of the fur color. Cats have their fur color as their identity. When the color of their fur starts to change, it might create a shock or surprise to […]

6 Effective Ways on Calming Cat Aggression – Important Notice for Owners

Aggression is something common happening to animals. Cats, despite their mostly nature as pets, also experience aggression. Aggression is commonly defined or interpreted as a way of intimidating or showing domination to other animals. Here are the examples of the methods to stop dog aggression towards people. You can learn some techniques of it there! […]

4 Interesting Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Cat

Playing with pets, such as dogs and cats, is always interesting and exciting. Dogs and cats are animals that naturally like to play. If you decide to have a cat or a dog as a pet, then you should spare your time for them to play. Just like us, cats also need to communicate and […]