How to Take Care of Mommy Goat After Giving Birth

Giving birth is hard job to do. All woman who already passed this process actually dangerous thing which is they face the death directly. Different with human who giving birth one, mommy goat can take care more of that.

Caring many babies inside theirs will increase of disease transmission. That’s because of any interaction inside their mommy stomach. Besides, mommy’s goat condition who had still weak condition after giving birth also increase bacteria transmission because of recidual of giving birth process both of pre and post. Actually, mommy goat who just after giving birth is really weak. That’s why caring mommy’s goat who just giving birth is highly risky. You better do it carefully.

Mommy goat usually unconscious that they are already had baby or feel frustated because she feels forced with weak body and have to take care her baby. That moment usually threats their child which is we can make sure that their child is still weak and can’t do anything.

To prevent act, you better follow all steps below to keep both child and mommy’s goat safe.

  • Separate it away

The goal of this point to avoid the baby goat to be kicked by her mom or another adult goat. Also, the mom’s goat condition who still weak just giving birth is so risky for the baby goat. The baby goat can be guessed as their food and may bite them. They don’t want to eat them but it just literally chewing. This separate away will give positive affect to their recovery which is need extra energy to process their milk. You don’t need to separate it too away. Just make it near and place it at least for two weeks until the mom’s goat surely be ready to face their baby.

  • Place the baby goat in the box

If you feel dizzy where have to place the baby goat, you need to try this one. Basically, baby goat didn’t need fancy place to be used. The right thing to do is just separate it away. You can used general box to care them. You don’t need place the box far from their mom. This is for build their knowledge to their mom so they don’t loss about their family. Before the baby goat able to stand up you need to supply their milk from their mom. The goat’s milk should be milked first and placed in dot bottle. After that, you can give it to the goat. Basically, you can use additional formula milk which is if the mom’s goat still can’t produce her milk yet.

  • Additional formula milk for the baby

To fulfil the nutrition of goat, baby goat needs to consume milk, as we know baby who can’t eat well yet need something smooth which is easy to eating and baby really relatable with milk moreover milk from their own mom. But not every mom is ready as soon as possible to breast fasting them all. How to keep their mineral with don’t care with mom’s goat condition? The cheat or alternative that you can do is giving additional formula milk to the baby. This is really profitable when you give this additional formula milk to them because as economic value, goat milk is more expensive than dairy milk. So, this is really cheating and really work for them. Beside this condition, you can just let the mom’s goat take a rest perfectly.

  • Food

Food is really crucial both for mom and baby goat. Both of them should be supplied well of food. For mom’s goat you can give them fresh grass but don’t too much because she might weak and don’t want to eat yet. Don’t force her hard because she might sensitive. And for baby goat make sure that they got supplied enough milk of their mom. If their mom don’t ready yet to breast fasting them, you can use additional dairy milk that you can place in dot bottle.

  • Minerals and vitamin giving

Their food actually already contained vitamins and minerals. But to make sure that the nutrition is balance, make sure that you add some additional minerals. You can use injections or drop it into their food or drink.

  • Goat milk management

For you who have dairy factory, you must need to really manage their milk production. Share which one you need to sell it, which one that you want to consume, and which one that the right of their baby. For mom’s goat that has low milk production, you need to do some cheating to replace and help the milk production.

Basically, this goal of this caring steps is for balancing their energy. Mommy’s goat surely can’t take care of her child because of their weakness.

Also, you need to more careful to take care of this business because one thing you missed a thing, you bring the mommy’s got into worst. Don’t forget to always keep the cleanliness to make sure decreased bacteria or disease transmission moreover if your goat giving birth in rainy season. It doesn’t mean that your goat giving birth in dry season is surely safe but we know rainy season is more wet than dry season.

But keep on your mind that separate the mommy goat and their child too long isn’t good because the child wouldn’t know their parents.