3 Ways to Take Care of Hamster After Giving Birth

When you already know everything about your hamster’s pregnancy, it would be much easier for you to take care of them. You will know how they’re going to behave, what to do with the cage, what do to with other hamster, what to do with the food. You will know on how to handle them in general while they’re pregnant. But once the babies arrive you will probably still confuse on how to take care of your hamster that just giving birth. It probably confuses you a little bit on what you have to do to take a good care of them. But you don’t have to worry. We will talk about 3 ways to take care of hamster after giving birth. That way you will have clues on what to do in this matter.

  • First

In this first part I will tell one of the 3 ways to take care of hamster after giving birth. If you’re not even aware of the pregnancy of your hamster then this is the very first thing you had to do before anything else. Separate the mother and the babies from another hamster in the cage. This is a must thing to do as it is very necessary.

The mother will feel very uncomfortable. Other than that, she will also feel threatened and that would make her feel the need to defend her territories. It’s for her babies and her own self safety. It will no doubt make the mother very stress which isn’t good for her condition that just giving birth.

If the other hamster is the father of the babies then it wouldn’t help either. Most of the time the father can also harm and even kill the babies. So, you have no other choice but to leave the mother hamster alone in the cage with the babies. Because this is the best way to taking care hamster after giving birth.

But if you aware of the pregnancy long before your hamster giving birth then you probably already leave your hamster alone in the cage. Well, even after she giving birth please keep it that way. Your hamster has to be alone with the babies in the cage at least until two weeks after giving birth. It would be even better if you and other hamster not interfere the mother at all until the babies has fur and can walk on their own.

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  • Second

Now we are going to talk about the cage. It’s about the cage environment to be exact. This is very important as the cage environment is also very essential for you to be able to take a good care of the newly mother hamster. As every animal has their own nature and instinct so a way to take a good care of hamster that just giving birth is to make her environment in the cage to as close with her own natural environment in the nature as possible. The reason for this is so your hamster can use her own instinct while taking care of the babies herself. It would make her feel less stress which is very good.

What you have to do to make this kind of environment for the cage is first you have to put the cage in somewhere that is quiet. No sudden and loud noises around the cage. Cause those kinds of noises will bother your hamster so much. If they feel that way it will surely endanger the babies and of course herself. Because much like human when your hamster just giving birth she will need all the peace and rest she can get to get back to the full energy like before.

The second thing you have to do is made the environment in the cage to be a little darker than usual. As you know hamster is a nocturnal animal, so they’re active at night. This mean that they will feel even more comfortable if the cage is not exposed by too much light. This is even more important for your hamster that just giving birth. This kind of darker environment will make her feel like she’s in her natural habitat. It would help her to rest and taking care of the babies better too.

If you don’t really have a dark room in your house then there is a way to make the cage receive less light. You can put some dark colored fabric around the cage. That way it would make inside the cage to be darker for your hamster. Your hamster will sure appreciate this since this kind of environment are similar with her natural habitat. This is will also help you to not stare at your hamster and the babies too much. Since it would surely bother the mother.

  • Third

It is not recommended for you to have any interaction with your hamster after she just giving birth. But even though like that you shouldn’t just abandoned her. You still have to take a good care and keep an eye for her. But you have to do this a little bit different than before she giving birth or before she is pregnant. In these kinds of moments, you have to take care of them very carefully. Since you can’t make any contact with them as it would make them feel stress so you have to learn to do anything quietly. This include when you put food and water in their cage. Try to do is as quiet as possible. It would be better if your hamster not aware of this. So, you can do it while they’re sleeping.

When your hamster just giving birth, she would need extra energy to get back to the way she was before the pregnancy, before she had babies. The way she can gain more energy is by eating enough food and also drink enough water. Other than for the mother you also need to prepare the food and water for the babies. So, you need prepare a lot of food for them everyday.

So, there it is, 3 ways to take care of hamster after giving birth. You can do all the things I mention above for your hamster that just giving birth. I hope this article will help you to figure out how you can take a good care of your hamster that just become a mother. But I must say this again here. The main thing you have to do is not to bother or interfere your hamster in any way while still taking care of her and also her babies. This is the very important thing you have to remember. You still can take caring of your hamster in your own way based on their behavior while you had them, but just remember to not bother them in their cage if it’s not necessary. That way your hamster and the babies will be fine.