7 Health Problems of New Born Goat (Must Know!)

Like another new born animal, new born goat has same possibility to infected disease. New born baby mostly still weak and didn’t has defence enough to protect themselves from any disease. Their condition which still weak increase the possibility of any disease to come in mostly from bacteria, virus, and fungal.

The key to protect themselves from any disease is by balancing their nutrition enough. New born baby goat actually needs their mom’s milk as their main food during some times. But literally not every mom’s goat is ready enough to take care their baby directly after giving birth. An this, surely affect to their health.

As we know giving birth is a long process that can put mom’s goat in to death. During this process, don’t you think that bacteria transmitted didn’t increase either. From any wet, blood, placenta, and all the residual of giving birth if you didn’t clean it well, it increase and cause some health problem both of the mom and the baby.

Here is some health problem of new born goat that you must know.

  • Maggot

There is so much maggots that can attack goat such as haemonchus cocortus, Trichuris sp, and Oestophagostomum so which highly possible transmitted by the food. For new baby born, as we know their main food source is still of their mom. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t infected to. Their mom can infect by this maggot and it breaks the quality of the milk that drank by the baby. Other case, when new born baby who lost their mom, they do eat alternative or additional food which is not milk. By this additional food, if you don’t safe it well actually the maggot will come. Just make sure that the food is dry enough moreover when rainy season. By this maggot that can live well inside goat’s body, it makes them weak, passive, and can’t be fat even you give them a lot. This case also causes some dead. The really sign which can tells you if your got has maggot is low appetite, weak, passive, rounded tummy, thin, harsh hair, pale, and hair fall.

  • Bloating

Bloating actually can catch the new born baby. When we remind that their main food is mom’s milk and some additional or alternative food which is contained water and solid material, that’s actually can cause bloating. The sign of this problem usually the baby can’t poop regularly.

  • Pink eye

This problem is technically cause by irritation around goat’s eyes. This irritation is cause by puncture some sharp object like thorn and wood and something dirty that getting inside like dust. As we know that baby goat has their time to explore that they are so interest of any new thing. During this explore time, they will play and do something a lot and getting dirt in every part. But some time, this problem can cause by any bacteria, virus, or fungal. Main sign that actually tells you about this problem is the baby goat blinked fast and often, tears, and red eye. After that their eyes will like wound and swollen. If you didn’t get this fast and well, the baby goat will blind permanently. That’s why you need to monitor their cleanliness and make sure to wipe their eyes. To solve this problem, you can wash their eyes using warm water, after that wipe eyes ointment for goat only which contained a lot of antibiotics. Also, you can spry them using stale tea mixture with salt and betel leaf everyday until it reduced. Be careful with this area because eyes in one of all sensitive body parts moreover the liquid contained salt which is really harmful for them.

  • Mouth and nail disease

This problem usually caused by Apthae Epizootica which contained in their pee, milk, and saliva. The sign that strongly tells you this problem is low appetite, fever, over saliva, tongue and swollen leg. Because milk is one of all transmitted tracks, you need to separate it away between mom’s goat and her baby if one of them has this problem. If you needed, give them vaccinate to reduce and rebuild the immune.

  • Diarrhea

Diarrhea usually cause by any trouble inside of goat’s digestion system that cause by bacteria, stale or broken food, and cool weather. The sign of this problem such as weak, passive, and pale. And their poop turning into green colour, red, or black. If this diarrhea caused by food so you have to avoid grain and young leaves for them. For baby goat which still supplied from her mom, make sure that the mom is healthy enough so she can produce well quality milk. Low quality milk or dirty nipple can cause this problem. To reduce it, give the baby goat coconut water beside to turn back their energy, it also used to clear the bacteria that cause diarrhea.

  • Poisoned

This problem usually happened when mom’s goat consumes green food which contained poison or insecticide. This can be transforms in to her baby during any contact like milk, lick, or respiration. The main sign of this problem is convulsion, foamy mouth, bluish mucous membrane, and bloody poop. For some cases, poisoned can cause dead and the first aid to reduce it is giving them norite or coconut water.

  • Pneumonia

As often, this problem cause of moisture weather, cool, and dirty. This proves that your cage management is broken and not effective enough to caring the goat moreover if you are goat farm in rainy season. Make sure that you installed additional warmer to keep the cage is warm. The sign of this problem is hard to breath, low appetite, cough, and fever. Beside keep the cage warm, make sure that the cage isn’t moisture, not wet, always clean, and if you needed cover the cage using additional plastic moreover when the night come.

If you have goat farm, all health problems above is must know. Not only as your knowledge but it also for your preventive action. To solve these health problems, you may can reduce it by home remedial but remember if it didn’t work you need to call vet. That’s the urgency why you need to know vet contact. When you need something so urgent, you know who you have to dial. Besides, you need to find out trusted vet to avoid it getting worse.

By all written above, we know that even though our animals had pretty good treatment, problem is still problem. When they come, they come however the prevent we did. Let’s move on to what we giving to them. After the problem comes, we better focus to solve it well and learn the lesson.