Meet these 5 Endangered Animals in Australia

Australia is a home for various animals and plants. You can consider observing these animals to see in Australia. However, due to a lot of threats to their survival, most of the organisms, especially the animals in Australia become critically endangered. There are around 96 critically endangered species of animals as listed by the IUCN. […]

4 Types of Kangaroos in Australia

Kangaroos are one of a kind animal that falls into the category of Marsupials. This animal originates from Australia but can also be found in other countries. One of which is Indonesia where they have their own breed of kangaroos. In today’s article, we will showcase to you 4 types of kangaroos in Australia. Although […]

Meet these Top 8 Birds from Australia

Australia is one of the paradises for bird lovers. The birds living there are mostly unique and special. That’s why Australia is considered as the most important for the evolution of modern birds, with most of the world’s species tracing back their ancestry here. Besides birds, you can also enjoy looking at animals to see […]

Be Ready to Get Terrified with these Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

Every country has some dangerous animals people can find. If you plan to visit a certain country or place, it is a must for you to know what dangerous animals you can find there. By knowing the dangerous animals in a certain place, then you will be able to prevent fatal accident or even death. […]

7 Beautiful Animals to See in Australia

Who doesn’t know Australia? A standalone continent with a vast selection of wildlife as well as nature. There are dozens of animals that are only native to Australia. Some of which you might have already know, such as kangaroos or koalas.  These animals are called marsupials, which are animals that have pockets and this type […]

7 Snakes to Discover in Australia

Australia, the country known by the world for its incredible different varieties of wildlife. Some are the most popular kangaroo, while some others are snakes. Snakes are very common in Australia, as their populations are quite huge in this continent. There are about 140 different species of snakes, and each species holds a significant number […]